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Currently... 09.12.18

So this post was originally meant to be an update for the month of October! And oh my goodness it is now DECEMBER. How did that happen? Where have the last two months gone?!
Well actually, they have disappeared into a sleep deprived fog. My lovely little Ollie does not seem to like sleeping for long periods of time, which I posted about in his six month update. The result? One very tired mama! Sitting down to write anything has been a struggle to say the least. But I’m currently at sleep school with my darling boy, and three days in we have seen HUGE improvements. I will write a whole post on our experience once we are home, so for now here’s an update on some things I’ve been doing/loving/thinking about (other than sleep) over the past two months.
Reading three great books and I recommend them all. This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay is the story of a Junior Doctor in England. The book covers his first six years as a doctor and contains excerpts from the diary he kept at the time. The …

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