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Flying to Australia in a Pandemic

When we made the decision move back to Melbourne last summer, we naively thought that this whole "Covid thing" would be over by Christmas. Oh, how wrong we were! In the early months of the pandemic Australia seemed to have things under control, but all that changed in July when a breach in hotel quarantine in Melbourne led to a huge outbreak and one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. Melbourne closed its international airport indefinitely and Australia put a cap on the number of returning citizens allowed in each week. We dithered for a few weeks about whether or not to buy flights or to wait, and when the situation did not look like it was improving we decided it would be better to lock something in sooner rather than later. We booked through an amazing travel agent, John Castell , who works for Flight Centre in Canada. John was very up to date with all regulations around flying into Australia. His advice was to only consider United, Delta or Air New Zealand, as those

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