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Ollie: Nine Months

Wow this month has really snuck up on me. I felt like I had just gotten used to saying Ollie was 8 months old when all of the sudden I realised it was the 18th and one more month had gone by. 
Stats: Weight: 8.85kg (46th percentile) Height: Again, I have no idea. He looks longer now though.
Ollie really seems to be stacking on the weight lately! His thighs are so deliciously chunky, we’ve had more than one comparison to the Michelin man! Even Ella greeted him one morning with “hello my little fattie”. (Ok, she may have got that from me.) 
Sleeping Ollie is still a super sleeper. We haven’t really changed anything in his routine since sleep school. He’s only awake for two hours between each nap, with three naps per day. He could probably be awake a little bit longer, but he sleeps so well that I’m afraid to change anything! He still sleeps through the night every night, usually for 11-11.5 hours. The other great thing about his routine is that anyone can put him down to sleep - even my da…

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