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A day in the distillery district

Here is my first post attempting to recap the various activities and day trips we've had this summer. We've done a lot, and sadly our summer family time is over - I start back at work tomorrow morning! Writing these posts will give me a good excuse to go through our pictures and remind me of all the good times we've had.

A few Sundays ago Ella, my mom, dad and I spent the day in the Distillery District in Toronto. That morning, Ella came downstairs carrying a basket and asking if we could go to a market. My mom and I had taken her to the Saturday farmer's market in the nearby city of Milton a few weeks before, and she obviously had a good time. Most markets around here are held on Saturdays, but after a quick google search I found this guide to markets in Toronto, listed by day of the week. So off we headed on our impromptu day trip into the city. Andy opted to stay home with Ollie - neither of them are big fans of markets (or shopping of any kind).
The Distillery Dis…

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