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January Intention - Daily Yoga

This year, instead of setting myself a traditional New Years' Resolution, I set 12 monthly mini-resolutions, or intentions as I've decided call them. In January my intention was to incorporate a practice of daily yoga into my life. I do practice yoga quite regularly, although I've never done it every single day for a month. The month was a success, not only did I do Yoga everyday, I even completed Yoga with Adriene's 30 Days of Yoga challenge, something I've tried (and failed) to complete for the past four years.
I chose this intention for a few reasons. I've practiced yoga regularly since I was pregnant with Ella, and I know I feel better in both body and mind when I have a more consistent practice. Due to my long commute and job where I sit a lot, I have to be much more intentional about when I get in regular exercise, and the nature of yoga helps with my sore and stiff back that comes with sitting so much. Over the Christmas holidays I watched this video on…

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