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Sunday afternoon at the NGV

We leave for England tomorrow night! Eek! I'm so excited, but also a bit more anxious than normal... travel has changed a lot since Covid and I'm constantly checking to see if we have done everything we need to do. To be honest, it's actually a lot easier now than six months ago. We don't have to do any PCR tests, and I have an international vaccination certificate, which is only needed to leave Australia. We have to fill in a health declaration to enter Spain as the Australian certificates are not valid in the EU yet, but we don't need anything to transit through Singapore or enter the UK. We are all (as of this moment) healthy... the kids don't even have runny noses, a miracle for young kids in the winter. But still, there is this lingering (and probably irrational) fear that things will change last minute and something will stop us from getting on that flight. Even though I still have a few work related jobs to finish up before we leave, I'm in a state o

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