Friday, 8 December 2017

Some News!

It’s been a looooong time since I wrote on the blog, so I thought a little update/explanation post might be in order.

The big news around here is that Andy and I are expecting baby number two in June 2018! So that is all very exciting (and a little scary). I am about 15 weeks along now, and am super happy to be out of the first trimester. Pregnancy has been much harder this time, or at least harder than I remember. Before I launch into this “poor me, pregnancy is hard” post, please know that I  feel extremely fortunate that so far the baby seems to be developing normally and all of my early screening for chromosomal abnormalities have come out “low risk”. I had more in-depth screening tests done this time, as my age (I will be 37 when baby two is born) puts me into the “geriatric mother” category. What a label!

Anyway, back to me shamelessly looking for some sympathy. Andy and I found out very early on that I was pregnant. As we were “trying”, a late period signalled time to pee on a stick, and low and behold, two pink lines appeared! That was during our September school holidays, right before we went to the Sunshine Coast. For a good six or seven weeks after that I felt nauseous ALL.THE.TIME. Not just in the morning - apparently the whole “morning sickness” thing is a myth, and can actually last all day, as I found out. I was simultaneously very hungry, so a lot of the time I would look at food feeling like I wanted something to eat, but the thought of eating anything made me feel like throwing up. For someone who usually looooves food, this was pretty annoying.

I was also exhausted… there is no downtime with an active 2.5 year old! After work I would just crash, feeling like I wanted to do was lay on the sofa. I wasn’t doing very much exercise, and I felt like I gained a lot of weight very quickly. I was so unhappy about it that Andy starting googling, and would try to assure me that it was normal to gain weight and look pregnant quicker with your second baby. That didn’t stop me feeling gross and frustrated when I couldn’t fit into most of my clothes by the time I was eight weeks. I’ve since spent a small fortune on maternity clothes from ASOS and ebay. I did dig out my bag of maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Ella, however I seemed to manage to get through the whole summer last time in my “normal” sized clothes as I could only find winter maternity clothes. Not helpful when we were going through the hottest November in over 100 years here in Melbourne! (On the plus side, I got the most gorgeous maternity dress from Ripe Maternity on ebay. I would never have spent this much on maternity clothing normally, but buying it second hand on ebay made it a steal and I feel just lovely in it when I wear it! Win!)

On top of all this, I’ve felt really stressed about work lately. I was promoted in July to a position that started in November, and to accept the promotion I had to return to work full-time. I was initially told I could work at 0.9 and have one day off each fortnight, and then that was retracted. I’m not sure how I feel about that… On one hand I understand, as it is difficult to be in a leadership role in a school and not be there everyday. This is simply because it is not done regularly and so people expect that you will always be there. You end up feeling like you are constantly inconveniencing people when you can’t meet on a certain day because it is your day off. For the last two years my school has supported me in working part-time, so I suppose I can’t really complain. But on the other hand, schools are not really as family-friendly as people think they are - at least not during term time! I do know that when my children are school-aged we will be lucky to have the school holidays off with them and not have to search for childcare, so you can’t have it all I guess!

Anyway, the timing of going back to work full-time wasn’t great when combined with the stage of pregnancy I was in. I felt really negative about work and was regretting taking the promotion, wishing I had decided to take a step back and “just teach” for a little while. I know, how very un-Lean In of me. But seeing mummy friends of mine who have stayed off work for longer, or who have been able to work the ideal “three days per week” makes me feel like I am missing out on Ella growing up. She spends about 50 hours per week at daycare and so probably has more awake time with her carers there than with Andy and me, which makes me feel really sad and guilty. She does love it there, which somewhat helps. When having these thoughts I can totally understand why there is still an unbalance of men and women in leadership roles in society… your career progress starts to feel a lot less important when you start a family.

Side note: I have been listening to a four-part series on the podcast “The Longest Shortest Time” about mothers in the workplace (episodes 141-143 and 145). The podcast is recorded in the USA, where maternity leave and discrimination of mothers in the workplace seems to be a much bigger problem than here, but there are still a lot of parallels. If you are a working mother, or someone who works with working mothers, I’d encourage you to listen!

Anyway, I did know that deep down these feelings of dissatisfaction with work were partly due to the hormones of pregnancy. And I’m glad to report that I’ve come out the other end of the dreaded first trimester and am feeling much better. I’ve started doing some prenatal yoga videos at home on a regular basis, and I’m trying to go for walks in the evening once Ella has gone to bed. I am looking forward to my mom and dad getting here in January so that I can have a walking partner in the evening!

Ella knows that “mummy has a baby in the tummy” and I think we are going to get some books for her for Christmas that talk about becoming a big sister. I am looking forward to her first Christmas where she really knows what is going on. She is obsessed with our Christmas tree and her first job when we get home from daycare is to turn on the Christmas lights. Her second job is to take a look inside the two tiny stockings hanging on the tree to find her daily “treat”... our version of an Advent calendar for her. Sometimes there is a strawberry in there, sometimes a little chocolate, and I’m glad she is still just as happy with fruit as she is with a “real treat”!  Yesterday Andy went all out and put a Kinder Surprise in one of the stockings, which I thought was going overboard… but I ate half of the chocolate egg so she didn’t get too much of a sugar high!  With only four days left of the school year, summer holidays are in sight, so things are definitely looking up!

Soon we will be four!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Cup Weekend

We’ve just come off a four day long weekend for “the race that stops the nation”: Melbourne Cup. Melbourne Cup is on the first Tuesday of November and is only a public holiday in Victoria. And yes, it is for a horse race. Monday is a regular work day but a lot of schools are closed, hence the long weekend for us.

On Saturday we went to the country races in Healesville. We’ve done this a few times on the Saturday of Cup weekend, and it’s always a really fun day out. It’s much less fancy than some of the bigger horse races, and you can bring your own food and drink and have a picnic. It’s perfect for kids, as there is lots of room to run around, and they also had pony rides, some farm animals to pet, and a bouncy castle. Ella loved it - she was able to watch the horses race past up close, and in between races we did some pony rides and spent time with the farm animals.

We spent Sunday doing a few “jobs” after Ella’s swimming lesson, which included a trip to Bunnings. How good are these little shopping carts for kids?!

On Monday Ella spent the day at daycare, and Andy I did some super boring jobs in the morning, like getting the car serviced and picking up a new dining table and chairs I bought on Gumtree. We finally replaced our little IKEA table (which was initially bought for our first teeny tiny apartment in South Yarra) with a bigger table that seats SIX people. The less IKEA furniture I have, the more I feel like a real adult.

That afternoon I met some of my friends for a lush afternoon tea at The Langham in Southbank. One of the girls is having her second baby in a few weeks so it was in celebration of that. It was such a treat to have a few hours to just relax, drink tea, eat tiny sandwiches and desserts, and of course catch up on all of our gossip!

On Tuesday morning we met up with Dan, Laura, and their little boy Charlie (who Ella called “Charlie boy” all day) at Myuna Farm in the Dandenongs. Toddlers and farms are such a good mix, and this one was huge with a range of things to do. Of course the first thing Ella and Charlie spotted was the playground, so we spent the first half hour or so there. Luckily it was located right beside the café, so the adults could enjoy a cup of coffee before exploring the rest of the farm.

There was a building with animals that you could get in the pens with and pet, such as rabbits, sheep and guinea pigs. Outside there were a wide range of animals that you could feed through the fences, such as kangaroos, sheep, alpachas, emus and even a camel. Ella loved feeding them, and I was surprised that she was not scared about letting them eat out of her hand. There were also horses, pigs, chickens and donkeys but you were not allowed to feed them. The farm also had a train ride (which we didn’t do) and pony rides (which we did do).

After having some lunch we headed back home and Ella passed out in the car, exhausted from another day with animals. When we got home we used her afternoon nap time to do some chores around the house - gardening, cleaning, laundry etc. All the fun things. At least we now only have three days at work until the weekend!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Currently... October

I am currently enjoying my very last “day off” before I return to the world of full time work. I am definitely not looking forward to this, but luckily I will only have six weeks of full time before we break for the summer holidays. I’ve decided to take it easy today. I usually try to cram as many chores into my day off as possible, however today I’ve spent the morning reading and going on a leisurely bike ride to run a few easy errands. Errands complete, I’m now enjoying some lunch on my own at the café Industry Beans in Ftizroy. It’s the type of place I wouldn’t dare coming to on a weekend with Ella, far to hipster and is not at all child friendly. So it’s a pleasure to be able to come here on my own and enjoy a peaceful lunch. Did I mention I am going to miss my day off? Sigh.

Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to this month:

Reading a book called The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund. It’s a Swedish crime novel, and reminds me a little of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy. The Crow Girl was originally published as a three separate books as well, but the version I have is one huuuuuge book (800 pages) with three parts. I’m on part two, and it has kept me pretty engaged, although the subject matter is sometimes hard to read about (it deals with cases of child sexual abuse).

I also read Bossypants by Tina Fey and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I liked Bossypants: I’m a fan of Tina Fey, and enjoyed reading about her time on Saturday Night Live, especially when she was playing Sarah Palin. I LOVED Big Magic, way more than I thought I would. Elizabeth Gilbert’s philosophy on creativity is delightful and inspirational, if a bit cheesy at times. I enjoyed the conversational tone of the book and the anecdotes she includes about her own life. I am one of those people who always thinks “I’m not a very creative person”, Gilbert believes we are all creative, and you don’t have to be an expert at something in order to enjoy it. This book has encouraged me to be more open to creative endevours and to not take creativity so seriously, and to remember that I should engage in creativity for myself, and not for the approval of, or to impress, others.

Listening to the podcast Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel. Esther is a couples therapist, and each episode is a recording of a one-off therapy session where she is counselling a couple. It is fascinating!

Watching Ozark on Netflix. Andy and I just finished the series, which we both enjoyed. The episodes are pretty intense and there are a lot of shocking events and twists. The season finale was SO stressful to watch (which obviously means it was good). I recently watched the first episode of Mindhunter and it has excellent reviews so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into that next. Andy is really into Designated Survivor but I am a bit “meh” about that one.

Loving our new Koala mattress. We have been sleeping on cheap IKEA mattresses since we moved to Australia and over the last few months I’ve been waking up feeling very sore and creaky. After doing a bit of internet research I came across this brand of mattress, which offer a 120 night trial, after which you can send the mattress back for a full refund if you don’t like it. Well, we definitely won’t be sending it back, the mattress is awesome. I feel heaps better getting out of bed in the morning, my back especially feels a lot better. I bought one of their memory foam pillows which I also highly recommend. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a pillow but totally worth it. No more cheap IKEA mattresses and pillows for me!

Trying to cultivate and keep to a morning routine. My ideal morning goes like this:
  • Wake at 5:50am and do 10-15 minutes of meditation (using Headspace app).
  • Go upstairs and do 20-30 minutes of Yoga (I loooove Yoga with Adriene!)
  • Make breakfast and coffee and write in my Five Minute Journal
  • Quickly wash face, put on make-up and get dressed (I shower at night). By the time I have done the meditation/yoga/breakfast routine I have about five minutes left to do this before it is time to wake up Ella and get her dressed.
For the last month or two I’ve been pretty consistent with this, although I don’t always manage to do the yoga. I find I’m most successful with getting this in when I set up my yoga mat and choose a Yoga with Adriene video the night before, eliminating the need to think in the morning.

Looking forward to a visit from by Canadian bestie, Cheryl, in a week! Yay! I can’t wait to see her and show her Melbourne.

Pic of the Month: My little yoga baby! What a good downward dog!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Bike ride to Coburg Lake Reserve

Last Sunday we had a beautiful, warm sunny day here in Melbourne so we decided to go for a family bike ride. We actually bought Ella her own balance bike on Saturday which is the coolest, cutest thing ever:

Both Andy and I had to stop ourselves from buying our own Lekker bikes while we were at the shops, they are sooooo nice. This is what happens when you are a parent, isn’t it? Your kid gets cooler stuff than you. But it’s still a bit too big for her, she can’t quite touch flat footed on both sides. Still, she is obsessed with it and we have to hold her steady while she rides it around our garage. For this bike ride though, we put her in on the back of Andy’s bike in the baby seat. I was momentarily afraid she would refuse the baby seat now that she has her own bike, but thankfully she was happy to get in it and ride behind Andy.

We rode our bikes north along the Merri Creek, about 5.5km to Coburg Lake Reserve. We’ve never rode our bikes this far north before, and I’m not sure why not! The path is paved the whole way, so it’s completely safe and easy to ride on. The view is beautiful, with the path crisscrossing over the creek many times, going over some huge and sometimes wobbly bridges.

Coburg Lake Reserve was much bigger than I was expecting. There are plenty of walking tracks and hills, along with an outdoor gym if you are looking to get some exercise. The grassy areas beside the lake are perfect for a picnic and Ella enjoyed watching the ducks and swans. There are also a few pretty epic playgrounds, where we spent most of our time. As it was such a lovely day, the area was pretty busy. Someone was having a delicious smelling BBQ which we were pretty jealous of.

This will definitely be a place we will frequent more as the weather gets better. The only downside is that you can’t swim in the lake. But it’s the perfect distance for a bike ride from our house, and you could easily spend a few hours exploring the grounds and playgrounds. Next time we will be sure to bring a picnic lunch!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Holiday in Peregian Beach Part 3

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of our holiday here and here.

With a forecast of thunderstorms on the last full day of our holiday, I pre-booked tickets to the Sea Life Aquarium in Mooloolaba for us. Pre-booking at least a day before gives you 20% off the cost of tickets, which are $39 per adult (kids 3 and under are free). Not a cheap activity, but I was feeling rather desperate after the downpour we had on Monday.

Tuesday morning we headed off to the Aquarium, which was about half an hour drive from our Airbnb. We stopped at The Pool Café in Peregian Springs for some breakfast on the way. The café is part of a members club and overlooks their beautiful pool, which was behind a locked glass wall. Ella was desperate to get to the pool, and tried to climb under the glass wall to get to it. The girl certainly loves to swim!

Ella reluctantly left the café with us after we promised her we were going to see “the fishies”. She is obsessed with Finding Nemo at the moment so we thought she’d love the aquarium. We arrived about half an hour after opening and had to queue up for about 15 minutes before getting in and realizing we could have waited in the shorter line as we had pre-booked tickets. D’oh! What a rookie mistake. My dad would be so disappointed in me… on family trips he made sure we got up at the crack of dawn and we always got to theme parks exactly when they opened to beat the crowds. That’s usually my intention but I don’t seem to have the organisational skills to actually make it happen. (Probably something to do with not having my dad there to wake us up at 6am.)

Anyway, Ella enjoyed the aquarium for about 10 minutes. She was able to reach in one tank and touch a starfish and a sea cucumber which was fun. But she pretty much lost it when we went into the Ocean Tunnel. It was super cool with huge sharks and stingrays swimming around as you walked through a glass tunnel, but Miss Ella was desperate to go in the exit, instead of the entrance. We did try to explain that they both led to the same thing, but that kind of logic is lost on a two year old. She basically screamed the majority of the time, until we gave in and let her have her dummy. She wasn’t the only screaming child in the Ocean Tunnel so you can guess how fun that part of the aquarium was for all the parents. Yay for family trips!

After the ocean tunnel we visited the Sea Lions and Octonauts display area, which Ella liked, but were pretty crowded. Next we took her to the kids soft play area, which was conveniently beside a café. I swear there is a soft play/toddler play area in like every major attraction in Australia, which I am forever grateful for. We spent just under two hours in the aquarium, where Ella bounced between being delighted with the fishies, and super pissed off about something (probably another child looking at or playing with what she wanted to look at).

The straw that broke the camel’s back was one of those stupid rides for toddlers that you need to put $2 in for a 20 second ride… you know the ones that are often found in shopping centres and grocery stores? There was a Finding Nemo one with 3 clownfish to sit on inside the café. Ella was perfectly happy to just sit on her fish until another little girl came along and her dad put $2 in the slot and the fish started moving in a slow circle. Great. Ella’s face lit up and she was having the time of her life… until it stopped. She frantically tried pushing the button to make it move, but of course I refused to put $2 in the thing so it didn’t start up again. I managed to convince her it was broken and distract her with something else while Andy finished up his coffee, but then of course another dad came along and put another $2 in the ride. It would be an understatement to say Ella was “unhappy” that the ride started again and she was not on it. If there was ever a cue to leave a place, this was it.

When we got out of the aquarium we were surprised by bright blue skies and no absolutely no sign of the predicted thunderstorms. I tried very hard not to be annoyed that we had wasted our time and money in the aquarium when it was actually really nice weather. Lesson learned: don’t pre-book tickets based on a weather report! Wait until the actual day and see what happens.

At this point it was too early for Ella’s nap so we drove 15 minutes to the Buderim Forest. We did a lovely walk through the forest with Ella. The first 700m was on a wooden boardwalk, so it was very easy to walk with Ella. We were all delighted to be walking around in nature. Second lesson learned: we all prefer being outside exploring to pricey, indoor tourist attractions.

Once the boardwalk ends you need to climb up over rocks and tree roots to get to a stunning waterfall and rock pool. This part is not great for young children, and Andy ended up carrying Ella most of the way. It wasn’t too far and Ella had a great time splashing around in the shallow parts of the river. The waterfall and shallow swimming pool were breathtaking and you could easily spend an afternoon exploring the area. Luckily we had beautiful sunny skies for the walk and the predicted thunderstorms were still nowhere to be seen.

At the start/end of the walk is a café called Harry’s, but we did not get to try it out as it is only open Wednesday - Sunday. On our way back to Peregian Beach Ella fell asleep in the car within minutes, and we had our usual chill out time while she had a couple hours napping back at the Airbnb. When she woke up it had started to cloud over but we took her to the beach across the street from our place for a play before dinner. The beach was deserted and there were dark cloud in the sky, but we managed a good time playing in the sand before feeling the first few drops of rain.

The next morning we woke to sunny skies, and went to Peregian Village for a takeaway breakfast from Skål to eat at the playground. Ella and I shared another smoothie bowl, this time a peanut butter one which was delicious. Andy had the lamb belly bacon and egg roll which was probably one of the best breakfast items I’ve tasted in a long time - the lamb belly bacon was so tender.

After eating we wandered down to the beach to make a very pleasant discovery. Due to the rain the night before there were huge puddles all along the beach. Ella had a fantastic time running and splashing through them. She started fully clothed but was quickly drenched, and we stripped down to her nappy, and then eventually took that off too. I think Ella felt super liberated to be buck naked running around on the beach. It was hilarious. We must have spent like an hour there, and had to drag her away as we had to leave for the airport.

Our drive back to Brisbane airport was uneventful as Ella napped the whole way, exhausted from her morning on the beach. Our last bit of excitement for the holiday was that we had Qantas Club Lounge access - a first for both Andy and I. And what a lovely way to spend time before a flight! There was a small children’s area and the whole atmosphere was so much calmer than the main part of the airport. Not to mention the free food and drink. Ah, how the other half live! It was the perfect way to end our little family beach getaway.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Holiday in Peregian Beach Part 2

Read Part 1 of our Peregian Beach holiday here.
After arriving in Peregian beach on Friday afternoon, we spent the next two days of our Sunshine Coast holiday enjoying the glorious weather, spending time at a few different beaches along the coast, playing at various playgrounds, and sampling the food at local cafés.
Saturday morning we woke to a hot and sunny day, and walked the 10 minutes from our Airbnb to the Peregian Beach Village to get some breakfast. We ate at Periwinkle, one of the restaurants with outdoor seating that looks out onto a huge grassy courtyard where kids can run around while their parents attempt to enjoy a civilised meal. We ordered two crêpes, one savoury and one sweet, to share. We then headed to Peregian Beach, spending time building sandcastles and splashing in the waves. Thoroughly tired out, we took Ella home where she had a monster three hour nap, giving Andy and I some time to just chill out in the sun.

Smiley face babycino at Periwinkle

Fun at Peregian Beach
Once she woke we drove five minutes down the coast to Coolum, where we found a lovely coastal walk with views of Coolum Beach. We finished off our walk with a play at the Coolum foreshore playground and some takeaway pizza, looking over the beach as the sun set.

Coolum coastal walk

On Sunday we visited the Peregian Beach Market, where you can browse a range of crafts, jewellery, clothing, homewares, fresh produce (and more) for sale. I managed to resist buying anything! Next we headed out to Mudjimba beach, about 15 minutes away. One of Andy’s friend’s recommended this beach, but it honestly was like every other beach along the Sunshine coast in my opinion! The main appeal is that it was quieter and less touristy than some of the other beaches. There was a lovely playground on the foreshore that we spent some time at, and a great café called The Island. On the drive back Ella fell asleep and again had a huge nap in the afternoon. When she woke up we took her for a walk to the Peregian Viallage playground and then ate a simple meal of cheese, crackers and salad for dinner at our Airbnb. (We’ve worked out that spending a fortune on a nice meal for dinner is totally not worth it with Ella – it’s just too stressful to keep her happy the whole time, so a picnic or just eating at home is much better for everyone involved.)

Then, the weather turned. The weather reports predicted rain, thunderstorms, and more rain for the last three days of our trip. Is there anything more disappointing than constant rain on your beach holiday?! When we woke Monday morning it was cloudy, but not rainy yet. We headed down to the village to get coffees and let Ella have a run around at the… you guessed it…  playground. She had a great time there – she was able to climb up and go down the slide by herself, so she was happy to amuse herself without much intervention from Andy or me.

We all shared a delicious cacao smoothie bowl from the café Skål, which reminded me of the bowls we ate while in Bali (this one just cost about three times as much!). It did start raining while we were out so we headed back to the Airbnb, and spent some time playing with Ella inside. Luckily the toys in our apartment were a novelty to Ella and kept her amused for a while.

Cacao smoothie bowl from Skål
However, there is only so much small space/indoor action that Ella can handle before she starts to get cranky. Also her nap only lasted about 10 minutes, so she was doubly cranky. After frantically googling “things to do on the Sunshine Coast when it is raining with a toddler” (answer: not much) I found The Ginger Factory, located about 20 minutes away in Yandina. It took a bit of convincing for Andy to agree to go, however the website mentioned a covered play area and a train ride which sounded infinitely more exciting than staying in the beach pad all day in the rain.
The Ginger Factory was possibly the most random, yet unexpectedly entertaining tourist attraction I’ve ever been to. The entertainment factor was clearly heightened as the alternative (rainy, indoor play in tiny apartment) was clearly not an option if we wanted a happy toddler. We first went on the Overboard Boat Ride, which was something like the “It’s a Small World” Disney World ride. The gingerbread man has escaped the clutches of a hungry chef and goes on an adventure around the world. As your boat travels through scenes from different countries and regions you have to try and spot the gingerbread man. Ella loved trying to find him, and was thoroughly entertained for the 10-minute ride. As it was not very busy they let us stay on for a second loop, and I was surprised that she was totally engaged by it the whole time and didn’t get bored.

Looking for the gingerbread man as we sail through Tahiti

The gingerbread man is now in India!

Hello London!

Next we went for a ride on the Ginger Train, a 116 year old ex-sugar cane working train. The 15 minute ride meanders through the Ginger Factory’s grounds and lush sub-tropical forest on the property. This was another winner for Ella.

All aboard the Ginger Train!

Before leaving we had a play in the playground (of course), where Ella surprised us by being able to climb up higher than expected, crawl through tunnels, and even go down a tunnel slide on her own. Our little girl is getting brave!

Covered playground in The Ginger Factory
We stocked up on a few treats from the ginger store on our way out: Ginger Beer & Spiced Rum, ginger Anzac biscuits, and of course a gingerbread man for Ella.

On the way home we stopped in Coolum for some fish and chips. No lovely sunset dinner on the beach this time! It was absolutely pouring with rain, and it didn’t stop all night. All in all though, it was a pretty successful day despite the terrible weather.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our beach holiday!