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July & August Recap

Wow, where did September go?! I cannot believe it's already mid-October and I've gone a whole month (or more) without a blog update! This post is my first attempt at recapping what we've been up to in Canada over the past few months, starting with a recap of some of the highlights of July and August.
As I wrote about in previous posts, we spent all of June and half of July in England. Once we got back to Canada, summer was in full swing and we were treated to beautiful, hot sunny weather for pretty much all of July and August. This was Andy's first Canadian summer, and he was pleasantly surprised by how good the weather was. I think like most people, he thought of Canada as the land of snow and ice (not helped by the cold spring we had this year). But temperatures in summer are consistently in the high 20s and 30s (Celsius, not Fahrenheit!), there is very little rain, and except for a few extremely humid days, the weather is pretty much perfect.

One of our favourite a…

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