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England Part 2

We are in week five of our six-week extended holiday in England. We've had three weeks at Andy's parents house followed by a week in sunny Spain (which I will write about in my next post) and are now back in England. I wrote about our first week in England here. This post is a recap of weeks two and three.
At the start of our second week I managed to escape travel to London to catch up with some friends. I left for the day around noon, taking the fast train to Waterloo, which takes just over an hour. From there I headed to Oxford Street to get in a bit of shopping before meeting my friend Alison for dinner. I was on the search for a raincoat to get me through the predicted non-stop rain the next two weeks. 
Even on a weekday afternoon, Oxford Street is a zoo. I went there because I knew there was an excellent variety of stores, but in reality I found the whole thing very overwhelming and gave up after about two hours, sadly still without a raincoat. I am definitely not the sa…

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