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Mornings by the Lake

One of our favourite activities to do this summer has been to spend the morning on the shores of Lake Ontario. We've done this at least once a week all summer, packing the kids into the car by 9am and driving 20 minutes south to the town of Oakville. Once there we pick up coffees, and maybe a snack, from either Kerr Street CafĂ© or Tribeca. Sometimes my parents would join us, but most of the time it was just the four of us. Earlier in the summer, when the playgrounds were still closed, we'd usually start with a picnic on a flat, grassy area overlooking the lake. It was a great space to spread out and the kids could run around together while we chilled out.From there, we would take the kids down to the rocky beach. Ollie could spend hours just throwing rocks into the sea. Ella preferred to take off her shoes and splash around... sometimes in the company of a Canadian goose or two!

There are some flat, wide paths along the lake which were great for Ella on her scooter. Ollie usual…

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