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Hello 2019!

Oh my, how are we midway through January already? 2019 SLOW DOWN. Seriously, you are going by way too fast!

Like most people, the start of a new year triggers a desire to evaluate my life and make some goals and changes for the year ahead. Instead of jumping ahead, I thought I’d take a look back at my New Year’s post from 2018 to see what I had written, and imagine my surprise when I discovered… NOTHING! What I thought I wrote last year was actually from January 2017. Geez, where has the time gone?
Back in 2017 I chose a word that I wanted to be my theme for the year. That word was SIMPLIFY. I wanted to simplify our lives: both our belongings and how we spent our time. I wanted to live more intentionally and create time for our priorities. How has that worked out, you ask? Well, I’d say it is still a work in progress! Trying to ensure we don’t have unnecessary "stuff" taking up our time or space in our home is an ongoing battle. 
This year I’ve decided on a word that I thin…

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