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Pregnancy Update: Weeks 23-27

Welcome to another pregnancy update blog. I've entered the third trimester, and I'm starting to get pretty tired. I've realised in writing this that I'm terrible at taking pictures of myself, and therefore I only have ONE picture from the past four weeks where you can see my bump! New goal: take more pictures!
Week 24
I’ve had another crazy busy week at work, but I managed to ride my bike to work three times this week which has definitely helped me feel better. It’s a great way to disconnect from work and leave the stresses of the day behind as I take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery along the Darebin and Merri Creek Trails. The temperatures have cooled off this week, so the mornings are fresh and crisp, with the temperature in the mid to high 20s during the day. Perfect! My mom bought me some new maternity clothes from Ripe Maternity, plus I got a few things off eBay, and it makes SUCH a big difference having clothes that not only fit and feel comfortable, but a…

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