Sunday, 26 February 2017

Currently... February

I'm currently sitting in the airport in the Gold Coast. It's Sunday afternoon, I've been here since Thursday night at a work conference. It has been great, but I am itching to get back to my family. I've had lots of FaceTime with Ella but I miss her like crazy. I won't get home tonight until after she is asleep, which is rubbish. If she happens to wake up in the night it will definitely be me getting up to comfort her!

Reading: The Nix by Nathan Hill. I'm about a third of the way through and recommend it so far.

Watching: The Crown when I am on my own, and The Americans Season 3 with Andy. Both are excellent! I also regularly look out for clips of Saturday Night Live and American late night talk shows regarding US politics. It's the only bright side of a rather bleak situation.

Cooking/eating: Lots of smoothies, which Ella calls "moothsies". We are loving the simple combination of spinach, coconut water, yogurt, banana and frozen pineapple at the moment. Also this Cauliflower/kale/chickpea curry and this slow-cooker Moroccan Chicken have both been hits.

Wearing: When I'm not at work, summer dresses. Aside from a couple of winter-like days a few weeks ago, the weather has been consistently hot, hot, hot. Also, this jumpsuit in Navy from Uniqlo, which is an unusually daring choice for me. I love, love, love it. It's so comfortable and flattering. I've never worn a jumpsuit before, but have clearly been missing out.

Considering: Channelling my inner craftyness and pimping up Ella's kitchen from IKEA. These pics are my inspiration. This is one of those things that I would love to do but have no idea where to start. Thank goodness for the Internet.

Looking forward to: At lot at the moment. We have a long weekend on the Mornington Penisula coming up with Charlotte, Adam, Chris, Ness and baby Noah. We also have three months of grandparents soon, starting with Andy's parent's arrival in three weeks. Yay! And then at the start of April we have ten days in Bali with both sets of grandparents plus my brother and his girlfriend. 

Planning: The logistics for a possible UK trip in June/July. I was pretty adamant that we would have no long distance travel this year (after Bali), but this weekend my Principal has asked if I would like to lead a workshop in London in June. I've passed on a few international work trips over the past year so I'd really like to take up this opportunity. It's a week before my school holidays so it could possibly lead into a nice, long four weeks in the UK (during our winter and their summer, which is always good timing). The problem is that Andy's school holidays actually start two weeks later, and getting leave for that amount of time would be unlikely. I might go with Ella on my own for the first two weeks and Andy could join us later. That is assuming that his parents are happy to help me with childcare for at least a few days. (Hi, Bunny and Dave!)

Enjoying: My day off every week with Ella. Her afternoon nap is now usually around 12-1pm, which gives us lots of time for an activity in the morning. Swimming, the park, and the Children's Gallery at the Melbourne Museum are current favourites.

Feeling: A bit guilty that Andy has been on his own with Ella for the past few days. Especially as my conference ended earlier than expected, so I spent part of the day reading by the hotel pool. (Shhhh...)

Grateful for: Andy, who has really stepped up this month as we have gotten used to our new routine, and me working four days a week. 

Pic of the Month:
I love this picture of Ella - she's watching a video of herself as a baby. So funny!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Beers, wine and cheese

Last Saturday ended up being an unintentionally jam-packed day for us. After a family breakfast, we rode our bikes to Brunswick Baths for Ella's swimming lessons. Lately we have been arriving half an hour early for the lesson, so that Andy can get in some laps in the outdoor 50m pool while I get Ella changed into her swimsuit and then play with her in the shallow kiddy pool, or if is is warm enough, the outdoor splash pad. Then Andy takes Ella for her lesson while I swim laps. It's the perfect way for both of us to get in some exercise, while also spending time with Ella in the pool.

Splash pad at Brunswick Baths
Enjoying the splash pad with daddy

On the way home we stopped at what I thought looked like a cute café called Ray's on Victoria Street in Brunswick. I don't think I could have picked a less child-friendly place! No high chairs, children's menu, or room for a pram. On top of that, their glass display case at the front was full of delicious looking desserts and sandwiches, along with some fresh green apples. As soon as Ella spotted them she kept pointing at them saying "ap-ple! ap-ple! ap-ple!" I asked our waitress if we could buy one but she said no. Harsh! So we took turns taking Ella for a walk outside to distract her while we waited for our food, then ate quickly and headed back home. If we didn't have a child I am sure we would have found the Ray's absolutely fine, but we do, so I don't think we will be back there any time soon!

When we got home we thought Ella would be tired and ready for her nap. However Ella had other plans, and we spent the next two hours trying to get her to sleep with no luck. Defeated, we decided to take her for a walk in the pram, and headed out to my friend Kristin's brother's new brewery, Tallboy and Moose, in Preston. It was a 50 minute walk from our house, so we thought Ella would fall asleep for sure. We were right, about five minutes into the walk she was out like a light. It's strange, she normally goes to sleep very easily, both at nap time and at night, but every once in a while she just decides she doesn't want to. She resists putting on her sleeping bag, she cries as soon as you walk towards her bedroom, and if you actually make it to the rocking chair in her room she just cries and points at the door. And of course the harder and longer you try, the worse it gets. In hindsight, we probably should have given up fighting her and gone on the walk much sooner than we did. Live and learn, I guess.

Ella was obviously very tired by the time she fell asleep, as she was out for the entire walk to the brewery and stayed asleep for another hour after that. That was very nice of her, as we were able to relax with some beers and catch up with Kristin's brother, Steven, without having to run around after her. You might be wondering why we thought a brewery would be a good place to bring a toddler. Tallboy and Moose (Steven, as a Canadian, is the "Moose" in the partnership) is in a long, converted warehouse with a super relaxed and family friendly vibe, complete with table tennis and play area at the back. In the afternoons there are quite a few families in the back area, although the place is big enough that if you want to avoid children (which, if you haven't brought any with you, is fair enough) you can sit near the front or even at the tables and bean bags outside. They don't make food there (yet) but there are Food Trucks outside with snacks and small meals. 

Tasting beers at Tallboy and Moose

Enjoying some beers with a sleeping baby in the pram
Ella slept most of the time we were there so she didn't have much of an opportunity to explore the play area, but I'm sure we will be back another time with her. 

We had to rush home after that as we had dinner plans with our friends Chris and Ness. They have a 10-month-old son, so it is rare that we can both get baby-sitters at the same time (Chris's parents are visiting from England, and we used one of our Nannies that watches Ella during the week). We headed to Milk the Cow in Carlton for a dinner of cheese, cheese, and more cheese. We started out with a cheese flight: four different cheeses matched to four different wines for Ness and I, and four beers for Chris and Andy. We were advised that the proper way to taste was to take a sip of the wine (or beer), then take a bite of the matched cheese, and then sip more wine with the cheese still in your mouth. I was sceptical about this method, but having the two in your mouth at the same time really did make both the cheese and wine taste amazing. After our flights we had some extra cheesy dishes - Saganaki (a salty Greek fried cheese), fondue, and truffled mac and cheese. This is definitely a place that I will be taking my mom when she comes to visit - she is a big fan of cheese and wine (mostly wine). We had a great evening, the four of us very appreciative of the fact that we could have a few hours of conversation together without any small children demanding our attention.

Cheese Flight menu at Milk the Cow

Wine and cheese flight
Chris and Andy with their beer and cheese

Mmmmmm look at all that cheese!
All in all it was a great Saturday, though between the beers in the afternoon and the wine at night, it was more alcohol than I am used to having, and I did feel it the next morning! Luckily we didn't have much planned for Sunday, and Andy's soccer game was cancelled, so we were able to have a pretty low-key end to the weekend.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Ella Update - 19 Months

Well I am happy to report that or second week back at work was much better than our first. Ella was over her sickness by Sunday night and back to her old, smiley self. My day off was Wednesday, and needless to say it was the the highlight of my week. Now that I am working four days, the one day that I have to spend with Ella is just so, so precious. 

We had a busy day planned. First up was a trip to the Collingwood Senior's Centre for Ella's 18-month immunisations. Every month there are places set up around each council where you can get any immunisations done for free. The senior's centre was where we always went when we lived in Abbotsford as it was a 10 minute walk from our house and never very busy. None of the dates in our new council really suited us, hence going back to Abbotsford, but I am happy to find any excuse to visit our old neighbourhood. (Have I mentioned how much I miss it there? Oh yes, I talk about it all the time! I need to get over it! I am actually starting to like Brunswick more and more as I get to know it.) We arrived nice and early so I took Ella for a walk along the Yarra river, past Collingwood Children's Farm, stopping for coffee and a croissant at One Fine Day café:

Breakfast and coffee with mummy. I don't think she liked me interrupting her eating to take a photo!

Beautiful morning views over the Yarra River 

Gotta love a café with toys!
Ella handled her immunisations like a champ, actually watching the needle go in to each arm (ew!) before screaming her head off for a few minutes. However she was quickly distracted by bubbles (thank you nurses!) and by the time we got back to the car she was absolutely fine. After that we went to check out a daycare centre that is close to our new house. I have been doing daily checks on the website Care for Kids to see if any local daycares were advertising vacancies. Suddenly this one came up, so I quickly called them and booked in a tour. I did not have high expectations and expected to walk in and hate it... I mean, why would they have vacancies unless it was sub-par? But I was pleasantly surprised by the centre. It was really nice, and all of the children and educators seemed calm and happy when we visited. On top of that, it is located 1.5km from our house and is $21 per day cheaper than our current centre in Abbotsford. Winning! So I signed Ella up then and there, she starts at the end of the month. I am SO happy we will not have to commute back and forth to Abbotsford for daycare in a few weeks, it will save either Andy or me over an hour of commuting time!

After that busy morning we headed back home for Ella's nap. Currently she sleeps from about 12pm-2pm every day. I spent nap time time cooking a child-friendly chicken curry from my One Handed Cooks cookbook. This is my favourite resource for finding food to cook that is both healthy and yummy. Ella likes pretty much everything I have tried from this book so far. There are sections for purées and baby led weaning for infants, toddler friendly dishes, healthy snacks, and dinner for the whole family. It's great.

Once Ella woke up she had some of the curry for lunch (loved it). We then headed off to visit the Maternal Child Health Nurse for her 18-month check up. (Yes, she is 19 months. Yes, we were behind on both her check-up and immunisations... I blame our busy Christmas holidays!) Ella walked into the nurses office excitedly pointing at pictures and saying all of the words she knows: "Apple! Monkey! Baby! Ball! Flower!" The nurse wrote in her book that she has "an expansive vocabulary" and said her demeanour is more like a two year old. Even though I know it doesn't mean much, and all babies develop at different rates, I was a very proud mummy! The nurse also weighed and measured Ella. Her height and head size are nearly in the 75th percentile, so it is looking like she may take after Andy in the height department. She weighs 10.3kg, which was less than I was expecting, but the nurse said their weight gain starts to taper off once they reach 18 months. I think her weight is around the 50-60th percentile.

It was a super hot day on Wednesday, about 35 degrees and full sunshine, so we finished up the afternoon at Brunswick Baths, our local pool and where we take Ella for swimming lessons. We have spent a lot of time there over the past few weeks, trying to cool off in the heat. Ella loves the little children's pool and the outdoor splash pad, and has the biggest smile on her face as she runs around checking out all of the different features. Finally, around 5pm, we headed home to see Andy and get the dinner/bath/book/bed routine on the go. It was a busy, but satisfying day!

Splash pad at Brunswick Baths
Here are some other updates about Ella and her development so far:

  • Food. I swear she would eat non-stop if given the choice. Current favourite foods are: pasta and veg sauce, chicken curry, cherry tomatoes, raisins, apples, pears, frozen berries and yogurt, cheese, toast and peanut butter, bircher museli.
  • Bunny. She basically carries bunny around with her everywhere now. We have given up  on making her keep it in bed.
  • Her dummy. We are trying to wean her off this following the Christmas holidays when it was a dummy free-for-all. I don't mind her having it for bed, or even if she is really upset. But I hate her having it in when she is just happily playing. We've had a few little tantrums this weekend when we refused to give it to her but I think she is starting to get the idea. 
  • Her new toy kitchen and her little couch. I think she loves that they are the right size for her!
  • When you put on a funny voice and pretend bunny is talking to her.
  • Dancing around to The Wiggles.
  • Playing with balls. She basically plays fetch with herself. 
  • Swimming, playing in water. 
  • Bubbles. Though she now wants to control the bubble wand herself, which doesn't go well.
  • Books. We have had to limit her to four books before bed, which she picks out herself. Otherwise she wants us to read an unlimited number of books. 
  • Dogs. She loves petting them and when they get all up in her face with their wet noses. This is where Ella and I differ.
  • Putting on clothes. Normally one pant leg over her pants, or a leg through the arm of a shirt. She also loves putting on her shoes, I think she knows this means we are going out. Children are a bit like dogs in this way.
  • Different/new foods. It takes some coaxing to get her to try new things sometimes. My current plan with dinner is I give her a few different foods, mostly things I know she likes with maybe one new item that I hope she'll at least try.
  • Bath time. Well she doesn't exactly dislike baths, she just isn't as excited about them as she used to be. We went through a period where she refused to sit down in the bath, so you had to simultaneously hold her and bathe her at the same time. I'm glad that phase is over! Now I just think she realises that after her bath it is bed time, so if she is not ready for that she is more resistant to the bath. She does love "naked cuddles" which is when we get her undressed for her bath and then she runs back and forth between Andy and me giving us a big hug. We all need a few naked cuddles in our lives!
  • When she wants to do something herself and you try and help her. 
  • When you pretend to steal some of her food. This is mostly an Andy move, and he gets a death stare from Ella. She does share her food occasionally, but it has to be on her terms. She is very happy to share any vegetables!

Things Ella does:
  • Pretends to feed bunny or other stuffed animals. 
  • Takes the toy dummy off her Cabbage Patch baby doll and puts it in her own mouth. When she does that I pretend the baby is crying until she gets her dummy back. Ella does not see the irony in this.
  • Talks and repeats words a lot. We now have to watch what we say around her. She is also starting to say two words together. Most recently "daddy where's mummy" and "mummy's coffee". Clever girl.
  • When she hears a new sound she puts her hand to her ear and makes a surprised face. She never misses the sound of a plane flying overhead!
  • Waves at trams and trains. 
  • Digs through her nappy bag looking for snacks and food.
  • Blows on her food when it is too hot to eat. 
  • Falls over. A lot. When will she work out that it is useful to actually look where you are going?
  • Has started to say "poo poo" and doing the sign for "change" when she's had a number two. 
  • Gives you her plate when she is finished eating. You need to get it quickly or else all the leftover food ends up dumped out. 
  • Knows baby sign language for: more, please, thank you, all done, milk and water. I love baby sign language and will definitely try and teach it to our next child.
What's that sound?

Saturday, 4 February 2017

It's been a long week.

We have just barely survived our first full week back at work. What a week it has been! A sick toddler, bike calamities and sleepless nights have resulted in two very exhausted parents this weekend. But let me start from the beginning...

We have a somewhat complicated schedule this year. Andy is working full time, and I am working four days a week. However as my school operates on a ten day timetable, I don't have the same days off each week. One week I'm of on Tuesday, the next I'm off on Wednesday. This makes childcare a bit tricky, as daycares certainly do not operate on a ten day timetable. They do the normal five, as you'd expect. Added to that, we are still on waiting lists to get Ella into a local daycare, so we are still driving back to Abbotsford for that. This adds nearly an extra hour on to our daily commute, and to poor Ella's already long day in care.

To try and manage this situation and alleviate some of the commuting time, we decided to put Ella in daycare two days a week (Mondays and Thursdays), and have a Nanny the other two days. We already had a girl, we'll call her Nanny J, who has done some babysitting for us previously and was available to watch Ella on Fridays. Perfect. However, she has another job working in a café, so is unavailable for the Tuesday/Wednesday alternating days that we also need a Nanny for. Enter Nanny C, who is a nursing student, and has been super flexible with her time and agreed to watch Ella on the Tuesday/Wednesday. So, although not an ideal situation, it has worked out pretty well so far. Once the end of March hits, we have grandparents visiting for about three months, so we won't need to continue with the Nannies until July. By this time I'm hoping we will have got into a local daycare.

Anyway, in an effort to be organised on the Friday before school started, Andy and I sat down and looked at our week ahead. We worked out things like:
  • Who would drive and who would cycle to work each day (we are a one car family, and with driving comes the long commute on daycare days. If I had a choice, I would always cycle!)
  • When we each had meetings and would have to stay late at school
  • A meal plan for the week
  • When we could each fit in some time for exercise/yoga
I felt pretty happy over the weekend that we'd have a great start to the school year. I should have known better. Here's how it actually panned out...

Daycare day. Wendy driving, Andy cycling. 5:30am alarm. This is probably a bit earlier than needed, but we like to be out the door by 7am to avoid the heaviest traffic times. Ella seemed to get the memo that we had an early morning, and helpfully woke on her own at 6:20am (unusual, I normally have to wake her at this time). We are super prepared and out the door by 6:40am. I get to daycare when they open, at 7am on the dot. Ella is the first child there, which I feel a bit guilty about. Even more so when she curls into me and cries as I try to say good-bye. I try not to cry myself, as I hand her over to an educator and leave her there sobbing. Toddler separation anxiety sucks.
I have a super full on day of meetings and workshops that are not scheduled to end until 5pm. It's a "professional learning day", meaning no students are in. We would normally get a bit of individual planning time during these days before the students arrive so you could sit with your teams and prepare some lessons. However, we had some "disappointing" Year 12 results last year, resulting in lots of extra meetings and thinking about what went wrong, so that it doesn't happen again next year. It's a tough start to the year! At 4:10, I get a phone call from the daycare. Ella has a fever. I need to go and pick her up. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit relieved to leaving the very full on workshop I was in - I'm pretty exhausted by this point. I pick up Ella and get home around 5:30pm. Andy arrives soon after, and we work together to get dinner ready and then do the bath/book/bed routine with Ella. We have a rough night with Ella, she wakes every few hours and is still feverish. We give lots of Panadol and ibuprofen (well, the recommended doses) and this helps her calm down and sleep.

My day off. Andy cycles to work so that I can use the car to run some errands that day. My original plan to wake up early with Andy so that I can get myself ready before Ella wakes up goes out the window due to lack of sleep the night before. I stay in bed until Ella wakes up. She seems better. We have a lovely lazy morning together, eating breakfast and getting ready, and then I take her grocery shopping with me. She is the perfect child. We get home, have a bit of play time, and then she goes down for her nap. I spend some time writing my last blog post, and then start some food prep for the week. I feel super productive and start to rethink this whole "working mom" thing. I totally rule at stay-at-home-mom life. I hear Ella wake from her nap and think, no problem, I'll just give her some lunch while I finish up the rest of the food prep I intended on doing. Easy. HAHAHA. This is when it all goes pear-shaped. Ella literally screams for an hour while I try everything I know to distract her. She doesn't want to play with my iPhone, watch The Wiggles, or eat any of her favourite foods (not even raisins), so I know something must be wrong. I'm beside myself. I finally give her a dose of baby painkiller and she calms down when it kicks in. Whew. Thank goodness. In the meantime, Andy lets me know that on his way to work, part of his bike tire blew up. He's getting public transport home which takes ages from his school, and this starts to mess up some of our plans for the week. Most importantly, I don't get to go to my scheduled in yoga class that evening. When Andy finally gets home, he and Ella cuddle up on the couch while I make dinner, which is cute, but unlike her. She has another feverish night, but it's being managed by the Panadol and she is still eating and drinking so I'm not super worried that anything is wrong yet.

Nanny C day. The original plan was I would drive, however with Andy's busted bike tire we have to swap. Nanny C is due to arrive at 8am, which means it is cutting it close for me to get to work on time on my bike, but luckily I don't teach first period so I have a bit of wiggle room. Before Nanny C arrives I make sure we don't have anything embarrassing lying around the house, and try to tidy so that we don't look like slobs. Andy is complaining about how complicated our routine is. I snap that it's not that hard, we are just tired. Sleepless nights are not great on a marriage. Luckily we are both able to mostly ignore each other's behaviour when we know keep down it's due to tiredness. I am somewhat nervous about leaving a sick Ella with Nanny C on her first day. (She has babysat Ella previously for a few hours, but this is her first whole day). But she is in her last year of nursing so is probably much more knowledgable illness than me. Plus, Ella is her usual self once the Panadol kicks in, so I'm not sure she is even that sick. I explain the situation to Nanny C when she arrives, telling her to call me if Ella gets worse and I will come home. Nanny C seems much less anxious about the whole thing than I am. My work day goes well - it's my first day of teaching since I went on maternity leave in June 2015, and it is great to be back in the classroom. Throughout the day Nanny C sends me text message to assure me that Ella is fine, although her fever returns after her nap. I start to wonder how long we should let a fever go on before going to the doctor. Andy googles this - the answer is 48 hours. He promptly makes a doctor's appointment for 4:30pm, almost exactly 48 hours after we got a call from daycare regarding the fever on Monday. Andy leaves work early to take Ella to the doctor. Surprise, surprise, it's a virus. We are to continue treating with Panadol unless she gets worse. It is nearly always useless taking a sick child to the doctor's. However you don't want to risk not going, just in case it is the one time that something is actually wrong.  We have a slightly better night's sleep, and Ella wakes without a fever, yay!

Daycare day. Wendy cycles, Andy drives. Andy drops Ella off without any tears for the first time since we returned from our Christmas holidays. Another yay! Daycare lets us know Ella has a good morning. But then, around 3pm... the dreaded daycare pick up call. She's got a rash. Rashes and daycare DO NOT go together. Andy picks her up. I have a meeting after school which seems to go on forever. I'm pretty tired by the time I leave, but make myself go to yoga, as planned. As always, I feel much better after my class. By the time I get home Ella has just gone to sleep, which makes me a bit sad. But Andy says she seems ok, despite the rash. She has been like this before, we think it is roseola infantum. Basically, the rash is harmless and signals the end of the virus, but we won't be able to go back to daycare until it has disappeared.

Nanny J day. Wendy cycles, Andy drives. Before Nanny J arrives I'm in a good mood. On Nanny days I don't leave for work until 7:45ish, and the morning feels endless. Why have I wasted so much of my life going to work so early? Having a leisurely morning is divine. I even have two coffees! Nanny J arrives just as Ella is waking. Her rash doesn't look too bad, and Nanny J is not concerned at all that she has been unwell. Ella doesn't seem to mind me leaving her with Nanny J, and I leave happily on my bike. It's a glorious morning and I'm feeling great... until I hear something hit the wheel of my tire. There is a clanging noise, as if something is stuck in the spokes of the tires. I pull over and check out my bike. My heart starts to sink as I hear the hissing sound of air escaping from the tire. It sinks even further as I spot the huge nail sticking out of it. The clanging sound was the nail hitting my mudguards as it went round and round. The faint silver lining of all this is that I am not actually that far from home. I walk back and take out my phone to call Nanny J to let me in the garage (she has my set of keys). As I look at my phone I notice a text message from a colleague/friend. She's asking if I can cover a class period 1. Noooo! There is no way I will make it to school on time to cover that class. I hate letting people down. I frantically try and contact someone at school to make sure they know I won't be there, while also googling the quickest route via public transport. In the end I'm only 15 minutes late for school, which isn't bad, all things considered. I just can't believe that both Andy and I have ruined our bike tires in the same week! I get to school and it is mostly fine. But at lunch I find out that I'm expected to go on Year 7 camp, which is three weeks from now! And for a whole week. I'm a bit annoyed that I haven't been told sooner, and stressed at what Andy's reaction will be. After a bit of back and forth, it looks like I will be able to switch to Year 8 camp instead, which is in Term 2 and when my mom will be here, so at least Andy will have her around to help out with Ella. But the whole thing makes me feel anxious... I hate feeling like I'm not able to totally commit to things at work. I don't want to be seen as a slacker, or get any special treatment. It's not like I'm the only person with a young child on staff! But it just feels that much harder as we don't have any family to depend on here. It makes me want to go back to Canada sooner rather than later. But perhaps I should leave the major life decisions to a week where I've had a bit more sleep. Anyway, I leave work as soon as I can. A lovely colleague gives me a lift and stays for a glass of wine, which is a nice end to a long week. Ella seems ok when I get home and Nanny J says she's been eating and drinking well all day. But her rash has gotten worse. Ella is pretty hard work that evening, crying at every little thing, and Andy is coaching soccer so I'm on my own. When I finally get her to bed I collapse on the sofa with a glass of wine and watch The Crown. We order pizza when Andy gets home and go to bed soon after. We are woken at midnight to the sound of Ella vomiting in bed. It's scary as it sounds like she is choking. We cuddle her and calm her down while changing the sheets in her cot and cleaning it all up. We all finally get back into bed but now every time she coughs I jump out of bed to make sure she is ok. She vomits a second time at 3am, and we change her sheets again. Andy makes another doctor's appointment for the morning. This time I take her in to sleep with me and Andy goes to sleep on the couch. Thankfully, we all sleep pretty soundly after that.

Today. Everyone is tired. We wake up later than usual and rush out the door to the doctor. Again, we are told it's a virus, but the vomiting was probably due to a different one than the fever/rash. We just need to watch her to see if she gets worse. On the way home we get two new tires for our bikes. Ella is pretty tired all day, but starts to perk up around 6pm and has a healthy dinner. We have a fun playtime after that and she goes down to bed easily. I pour myself a wine and settle on to the balcony to write this post. I can hear a large group of people singing along to a DJ, there is some sort of music festival going on at Ceres today. It reminds me of another lifetime. It sounds like fun.