Friday, 29 June 2012

VIT Registration... done!

Mrwandymcnoble is getting annoyed with me as I haven't written on the blog in ages. So thought I'd update with a post about what you need to do to register with the Victorian Institute of Teachers.

After a few months of gathering documents (and I'm serious, I've been collecting them since April) I finally sent off my application to the VIT along with a registration fee of $104 (Aussie Dollars). Here is a list of the documents you need and what you need to do if you want to register to teach in Victoria.

Click here to get to the online registration procedure for Overseas Teachers 

Send the following supporting documents to the VIT (all need to be originals or certified copies)

Passport biodata page
Driver's License (or a letter from a registered teacher confirming your address)
Degree Certificates
Initial Teaching Training Transcripts and Certificates
Letter from University stating number of supervised practice teaching days
Teacher Registration documents (OCT in Ontario or GTC in UK)
References from previous Head Teachers (They should fill in Form B)
Criminal Record Checks for any country you have lived in the last 10 years

Canadian (you need to get your fingerprints done for this one!)

Once these are gathered together, copied and certified you send them to:
Victorian Institute of Teaching
PO Box 531
Collins Street West
Victoria 8007

Hopefully in 6-8 weeks I will be a fully registered Victorian teacher!

Your comments are welcome.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cost of living in Australia - Grocery shopping

Like many others, it has been highlighted to us that the cost of living in Australia is way more than in London. Is this really the case?!  We have looked into this and are trying to figure out what our monthly budget will look like.  Having completed our weekly food shop online, Mrs Wandy McNoble added the same items (as close as possible) online at  She found the same shop to be only £2 more expensive in Australia.  This may be a one off, so we intend to do the same again next week.  It is pleasing though :-)

Mr Wandy McNoble

Visa documents - lets send them off!

We have not posted on here for a while.  Reason being we are both back at school, working hard, and counting down the days until the summer holiday!  We have also been finalising Mrs Wandy McNoble's visa documents.  The final document arrived from Canada which now means grouping them all together (which will take a while as there are so many) and sending them to Australia.  Exciting times!  Keep checking for posts on exactly what we needed for a sponsored visa.

In other news, our Instagram gallery is now open which means you can purchase our photographs.  The photos are shown in the feed on the right.  Check out the gallery at  Let us know what you think :-)

Mr Wandy McNoble

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sponsored visa

Mrs Wandy McNoble is allowed to stay in the UK for another two years!  Step one complete.  Now she can work legally from September for another two years, meaning we can still earn money to go to Australia!  Step two has also begun.  Infact, it has been ongoing for a while now.  It basically involves Mrs Wandy McNoble organising all her Canadian documents, UK documents, and Australia job offer.  At some point it all has to be sent off.  Keep an eye out for a post from Mrs Wandy McNoble about exactly what you need for a sponsored visa.

Mr Wandy McNoble

Mrs Wandy McNoble organising her visa

Tip number 1: Get organised! Use a spreadsheet to record all the stuff you need to send off and collect. This is how you do it!

Mr Wandy McNoble

Extending my British visa

Annoyingly, my British Ancestry visa runs out about 4 months before we want to move to Australia. So, while also getting together seemingly millions of forms for my Aussie visa (more on that later), I've also had to get everything together to renew my British one. We are on our way to Croydon now to apply in person (for the low cost of £867, yikes!), in the hope that there will be no complications and it will be sorted today. It should be fairly straightforward, however border agencies are notoriously picky (rightly so, I guess) and I am feeling quite anxious about the whole thing. Fingers crossed!

Mrs Wandy McNoble

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Our photos

Check out our Flickr feed on the right!  This is basically all the photos I take on my iphone using Instagram.  Follow me @mrwandymcnoble.  Photos at the moment are of anything and everything in and around London.

Mr Wandy McNoble

Visa organisation

Mrs Wandy McNoble is organising a bunch of documents to renew her British Visa tomorrow.  We need to do this before we can continue sorting the Aus visas or she won't be able to work in September!  We have an appointment with the border agency tomorrow.

Mr Wandy McNoble

Monday, 4 June 2012

Move us Down Under

And so it begins.  Thousands of Brits emigrate to Australia every year, so why can't we?  We have been sucked in by the warmer climate, a higher percentage of sunny days, and the opportunity to experience a different culture.  Or is it just that Mrs WandyMcNoble is dragging me away from my friends and family to have a break from our hectic London lifestyle?  Mrs WandyMcNoble has a job lined up.  I don't.  So I have started this blog to keep me busy!  Having visited Australia on a gap year in 2007, I found the way of life refreshing and the locals very easy going.  So although a little apprehensive about moving to the other side of the globe, I am excited!

Mr WandyMcNoble