We have recently been approved for a 457 (Temporary Long Stay) Business Visa.

Here is the process we went through:

1. Employer needs to be an approved sponsor (my school was already one)

2. Employer nominated the position (25/10/12)
    Once this is done the employer will give you a TRN number with which you can lodge your     application. You can do this before the nomination is approved.
Nomination approved on 28/10/12

3. I submitted our application (28/10/12)
    This was done electronically on the DIAC website. All documents were colour scanned and attached to the application once I had finished filling it in.
I didn't need to have anything certified as it was colour scanned.
The cost was $350 AUD

These are the documents I submitted:

  • Passport biodata page (for both mrwandymcnoble and me)
  • Birth Certificate (just mine)
  • CV
  • References from my last 3 schools
  • University degrees
  • University transcript
  • VIT Registration
  • Proof of Health Insurance (through BUPA)
  • Offer Letter from job in Australia
  • Marriage certificate (as mrwandymcnoble is now my dependant!)

And that was it! No medical or police record checks needed (although I needed a police record check for my VIT registration)

Application approved on 01/11/12

Information about the 457 Visa is here


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