Monday, 22 June 2015

New House

It has been a very busy two weeks since we moved. I am now officially on maternity leave though, so hopefully will have some time to relax before the baby comes.

Our move went pretty smoothly this time around. We were all packed up and ready to go by the time the movers came, and they worked very efficiently to clear out our flat in Prahran. It took a while to go up and down the lift to get everything out and we were relieved when we got to our new house, which is on one level so no stairs or lift required! The moving company we used was called 4U Services. The two movers were friendly and efficient, and the price was reasonable ($66 per hour plus a $50 flat fuel charge). I’d recommend them and use them in the future.

Rose bushes outside the house. Will have to ask my mom how to maintain them!
I tried to help as much as I could and was feeling pretty good during the move, but pretty much crashed once it was all over! Getting started with unpacking is such an overwhelming process. The first night in our flat was pretty crap… we were very unprepared for how cold it would be. Prior to this we have only lived in new apartment buildings. The good thing about these flats is they are well insulated with double-glazed windows, so in the winter they stay pretty warm. Houses here, on the other hand, are NOT well-insulated and central heating does not seem to exist. I feel like Melbourne is in a bit of denial about how cold it actually gets here in the winter! This weekend the temperature dropped to 4 degrees at night, and at that temperature the house is absolutely freezing! We have since sorted out the heating in the bedrooms with timers so its not too bad, except that when you need to get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet (which happens often when you are pregnant!) you have to run through the freezing hallway to the freezing bathroom and tip toe on the freezing floors! I am worried that my mom is going to be very cold when she gets here…. We may have to invest in an electric blanket for her. I am dreading the moment when we get our first electricity bill, as we are running the heating far more than we did in any of our apartments. The good thing is that the living room and kitchen have lots of windows, letting in the sunshine which warm up the house during the day, so I won’t be cold at home all day with the baby.

Other than that things we are pretty much settled in the flat now. We got a new (used) sofa which I LOVE and most boxes have been unpacked. We are still waiting on the Internet which always seems to take ages to connect here. The Internet is a funny thing, when you have it you don’t really think about it, but boy do you miss it when you don’t! I think I just want to be able to look up whatever I want whenever I want., and maybe it’s a good thing to not be able to do that all the time.

Living room before shot!
Living room with a sofa! 

My last day at school was pretty good. I have a Year 7 class of all girls and they wrote me some very sweet cards and I got spoiled with gifts for the baby from them. Some boys in my Year 11 class also surprised me with a thank you gift (for me, not the baby for once!) and a lovely card. 16-year-old boys can be much more thoughtful than we give them credit for! It was the end of term at my school on Friday so it doesn’t really feel like maternity leave at this point as everyone else is also on holidays.  Andy still has one more week of school unfortunately, but then we have 2 weeks off together before baby Nobes is born.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Goodbye Prahran...

It's moving day! It currently feels like the calm before the storm. I've just sat down to have my coffee and breakfast before packing up the last few things and waiting for the movers arrive. We have a bit of a tight schedule, movers arrive at 10am and then the cleaners arrive at 12pm, at which time we will hopefully be out of our flat on on our way to our new house. Moving out of an apartment is slow going, as everything needs to be taken down in the lift. 

Yesterday was a holiday, a day off for the Queen's birthday. I always find it funny that in Canada and Australia there is a holiday for the Queen's birthday, but in the UK there isn't. This is the last holiday weekend until Melbourne Cup in November, which just seems like really bad planning on the part of the Government or whoever plans out these things. It's a really long winter with no long weekends or holidays to look forward to!

We spent our last day in Prahran packing mostly, but managed to get out and enjoy the sunny, mild day for a bit. I dragged Andy to yoga in the morning, with the view that this would probably be our last yoga class we'd be able to go to together for YEARS. The yoga/pilates/gym that we go to is called Kaya Health Clubs, and is probably the best gym type place I've ever joined. Not only are there specialist reformer pilates and yoga classes, but there is also regular "gym" activities such as spinning, zumba, boxfit, strength and cardio machines. I love going there and regrettably cancelled my membership last week as it's getting hard to participate in the classes with my growing belly, and once we move we will be too far away to go there. It is the first place I've ever gone where I've actually started to love yoga and attend regularly. When I called up to cancel they were like "you are one of our most regular members ever!" which I was pretty proud of!

After yoga we went to brunch at Journeyman, a cafe around the corner from us on High St. in Windsor. I've been meaning to go for ages... which is the same for a lot of restaurants and cafes around here that I've never been to, and now probably never will! It was packed when we got there but luckily we didn't have to wait long for a table. I had an amazing chia coconut pudding with fruit. I've tried to make chia pudding myself but I can never seem to get it as thick as this one... I would love to know what I'm doing wrong!

After brunch we put in some packing hours until I started going a bit crazy and suggested we go for a walk before it got too late. It was really nice and sunny out and I wanted to at least be able to enjoy some of the long weekend! We decided to drive up to the Salvation Army near our new place in Abbotsford to drop off some clothes and books and then walk along the river to our new house. We stopped in at The Kitchen on Gipps St. in Abbotsford for a coffee before our walk. I think this is one of the closest cafes to our new place which is awesome. The food there is excellent and they do a "Red Latte" which is made with Rooibos tea and is even better than a Chai Latte. There is also an amazing furniture shop attached to the cafe, full of ridiculously expensive and over sized furniture for houses so big I can't even imagine what they would be like inside. Fun to look around though!

Biggest cover table EVER
It was lovely walking along the river and made me excited about exploring our new neighbourhood. I am a bit nervous about the house itself, there is not much storage space and I feel like that might be a challenge for us to deal with! Also Andy has not yet seen the property so I'm anxious to see if he will like it. If he doesn't bad luck at this point, but we are hoping, once again, that we won't have to move again in another year!

Anyway I will update once we've moved in to the new place and this horrible day of moving is all over!

Bye bye tiny apartment! I will miss that view though.