VIT Registration... done!

Mrwandymcnoble is getting annoyed with me as I haven't written on the blog in ages. So thought I'd update with a post about what you need to do to register with the Victorian Institute of Teachers.

After a few months of gathering documents (and I'm serious, I've been collecting them since April) I finally sent off my application to the VIT along with a registration fee of $104 (Aussie Dollars). Here is a list of the documents you need and what you need to do if you want to register to teach in Victoria.

Click here to get to the online registration procedure for Overseas Teachers 

Send the following supporting documents to the VIT (all need to be originals or certified copies)

Passport biodata page
Driver's License (or a letter from a registered teacher confirming your address)
Degree Certificates
Initial Teaching Training Transcripts and Certificates
Letter from University stating number of supervised practice teaching days
Teacher Registration documents (OCT in Ontario or GTC in UK)
References from previous Head Teachers (They should fill in Form B)
Criminal Record Checks for any country you have lived in the last 10 years

Canadian (you need to get your fingerprints done for this one!)

Once these are gathered together, copied and certified you send them to:
Victorian Institute of Teaching
PO Box 531
Collins Street West
Victoria 8007

Hopefully in 6-8 weeks I will be a fully registered Victorian teacher!

Your comments are welcome.


  1. This is very hopeful McNobles :) yesssss thank you xxx

  2. By the way this process is VERY LONG. This is so helpful. The criminal check alone is a ball ache xx


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