Currently... February

I'm currently sitting in the airport in the Gold Coast. It's Sunday afternoon, I've been here since Thursday night at a work conference. It has been great, but I am itching to get back to my family. I've had lots of FaceTime with Ella but I miss her like crazy. I won't get home tonight until after she is asleep, which is rubbish. If she happens to wake up in the night it will definitely be me getting up to comfort her!

Reading: The Nix by Nathan Hill. I'm about a third of the way through and recommend it so far.

Watching: The Crown when I am on my own, and The Americans Season 3 with Andy. Both are excellent! I also regularly look out for clips of Saturday Night Live and American late night talk shows regarding US politics. It's the only bright side of a rather bleak situation.

Cooking/eating: Lots of smoothies, which Ella calls "moothsies". We are loving the simple combination of spinach, coconut water, yogurt, banana and frozen pineapple at the moment. Also this Cauliflower/kale/chickpea curry and this slow-cooker Moroccan Chicken have both been hits.

Wearing: When I'm not at work, summer dresses. Aside from a couple of winter-like days a few weeks ago, the weather has been consistently hot, hot, hot. Also, this jumpsuit in Navy from Uniqlo, which is an unusually daring choice for me. I love, love, love it. It's so comfortable and flattering. I've never worn a jumpsuit before, but have clearly been missing out.

Considering: Channelling my inner craftyness and pimping up Ella's kitchen from IKEA. These pics are my inspiration. This is one of those things that I would love to do but have no idea where to start. Thank goodness for the Internet.

Looking forward to: At lot at the moment. We have a long weekend on the Mornington Penisula coming up with Charlotte, Adam, Chris, Ness and baby Noah. We also have three months of grandparents soon, starting with Andy's parent's arrival in three weeks. Yay! And then at the start of April we have ten days in Bali with both sets of grandparents plus my brother and his girlfriend. 

Planning: The logistics for a possible UK trip in June/July. I was pretty adamant that we would have no long distance travel this year (after Bali), but this weekend my Principal has asked if I would like to lead a workshop in London in June. I've passed on a few international work trips over the past year so I'd really like to take up this opportunity. It's a week before my school holidays so it could possibly lead into a nice, long four weeks in the UK (during our winter and their summer, which is always good timing). The problem is that Andy's school holidays actually start two weeks later, and getting leave for that amount of time would be unlikely. I might go with Ella on my own for the first two weeks and Andy could join us later. That is assuming that his parents are happy to help me with childcare for at least a few days. (Hi, Bunny and Dave!)

Enjoying: My day off every week with Ella. Her afternoon nap is now usually around 12-1pm, which gives us lots of time for an activity in the morning. Swimming, the park, and the Children's Gallery at the Melbourne Museum are current favourites.

Feeling: A bit guilty that Andy has been on his own with Ella for the past few days. Especially as my conference ended earlier than expected, so I spent part of the day reading by the hotel pool. (Shhhh...)

Grateful for: Andy, who has really stepped up this month as we have gotten used to our new routine, and me working four days a week. 

Pic of the Month:
I love this picture of Ella - she's watching a video of herself as a baby. So funny!


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