Olympic Training

Well we are just packing up the last of our stuff for our honeymoon! Woohoo! A taxi is coming to pick us about in about an hour to go to Heathrow, so just trying to fit in one last blog post before our trip.

This week has been busy, we've been watching A LOT of Olympics, trying to write some of our Masters Dissertation proposal, and picking up some last minute items for our Kilimanjaro climb (seriously, I don't want to go into another trekking/camping store for a long time!)

After watching some of the worlds greatest athletes compete these last two weeks from the comfort of our sofa, mrwandymcnoble has decided that, he too, would like to become an Olympian. In what sport, you ask? Well, that is a very good question. I think he has decided on triathlon, after watching the British Brownlee brothers take gold and bronze in Hyde Park this week, but would settle for any of the running events as well.

Watching the triathlon in Hyde Park - cheering for Canada AND Australia (oh ok, and GB!)

I don't have the heart to tell him: YOU ARE TOO OLD! GET A GRIP! Actually, that's a lie. I tell him all the time. Luckily I am not the only one to have a fantasist as an other half - my good friend sweatybetty's* boyfriend has also decided he would like to be an Olympian as well. So, this week we have had to put up with 5:30am cycles to Richmond park and constant talk of nutrition and training, and daily weigh-ins. (To be fair, once we got to Richmond Park, it was absolutely stunning at that time in the morning.) We have also all signed up for a triathlon in Kent in September and mr and mrssweatybetty are watching wetsuits on ebay.

Richmond Park at 6am

Mrwandymcnoble is now a bit stressed that our honeymoon means he will have 2 1/2 weeks of training less than mrsweatybetty. However we have managed to reassure him that climbing Kilimanjaro means he will have "altitude training", surely giving him some sort of advantage.


*name has been changed to protect identity.


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