Carboot time!

We spent the day at Capital Carboot sale in Pimlico flogging all our unwanted goods. I had a great time despite mrwandymcnoble's initial negativity and doubt that anyone would actually buy our stuff. Boy was he wrong!

Fortunately, no one made a high enough offer 
The initial rush was mad, with professional carbooters haggling us down - a common conversation was:
"how much is that?"
"1 pound"
"I'll give you 50p"
 We got rid of loads and then gave the rest to charity at the end of the day. We were pretty chuffed with our takings and celebrated with a glass of prosecco at a nearby pub, where I was able to gloat "I told you so!" to mrwandymcnoble.

The house is pretty empty now as we've also been gradually selling off our furniture. We basically have a bed, a dining room table (with no chairs) and the breakfast bar in the kitchen left. 2 weeks until we are in Canada for Christmas, can't wait!



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