Yesterday we went for our first brunch in Melbourne. Melbournians love their brunch and going out for brunch is a very popular thing to do here. After the meal we had I can understand why!

We went to Birdman Eating in Fitzroy after at 15km run with mr and mrssweatybetty around the Yarra River and Albert Park. We were feeling pretty smug about having done so much exercise before 9am, and were able to fully indulge guilt-free. We sat outside in the sun in our lycra and barefoot running shoes, looking slightly out of place compared to all the Fitzroy hipsters.
 Running around Albert Park Lake
Andy loving the run

First up: the drinks. mrwandymcnoble and I went for relatively boring/safe choices; a soy flat white for me and a latte for him. mrssweatybetty had a chai tea latte and mrsweatybetty had an iced coffee, which was served with a scoop of real vanilla ice cream. It was like a coffee milkshake! I definitely had coffee envy.
Chai latte, regular latte and iced coffee
Birdman Eating has 2 different baked egg specials everyday, which apparently mrssweatybetty was dreaming about even before we went on our run. She had the ratatouille baked eggs and the boys had the chilli con carne baked eggs. I went for the other special which was a poached egg with pumpkin and sage hollandaise sauce on sourdough bread. It was the best brunch I have ever had!
Chilli con carne baked eggs
Poached egg with pumpkin and sage hollandaise
I can't wait to go out for brunch in Melbourne again. I know we need to try somewhere new, but it will be hard to not just return to Birdman Eating!


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