Nice Day for a Tandem Bike Ride!

Last year when we were leaving London we received an interesting leaving present from our teacher friends at The Charter School: A day of tandem bike riding! We finally booked this and had our bike ride last Thursday. Of course, we ended up on one of the hottest days of the year so far (although nothing compared to the heatwave we are about to experience in Melbourne this week - just in time for the Australian Open!)

Starting in St. Kilda, we road along the beach all the way to Black Rock where we stopped for lunch. I was somewhat nervous about the whole experience - a tandem bike seemed like it would be complicated to ride! The tallest person is in the front, which was of course Andy, so he was in charge of turning and breaking. It took me a few minutes to catch on to the fact that if I stopped peddling it would also cause Andy to stop peddling, but once we got that sorted we were on our way. 

Starting the ride in St. Kilda

Taking a break to admire the scenery

I actually didn't realise there was a bike path along Beach Road all the way to Black Rock. We have both rode our bikes down Beach Road before, but on the actually road. This bike path was much, much nicer and a lot less stressful than riding on the road. Also you have a view of the Port Philip Bay the whole way which was stunning. My favourite part was the sunken ship, the HMVS Cerberus, of coast in Half Moon Bay. The ship was intentionally sunk in the 1920s to serve as a breakwater for the bay. 

HMVS Cerberus in Half Moon Bay

We had lunch at True South, an Argentinian tapas restaurant that is also a craft brewery, and then cycled back to St. Kilda, stopping in Elwood for ice cream on the way. 

Thanks to the Charter ladies for such an awesome gift!


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