Birthday Cards - Are they really necessary?

We went to a friend's birthday lunch in the Yarra Valley this weekend. On the way to pick up one of our friends, he called us to ask if we had gotten the birthday boy a card. We hadn't. Big surprise - I am THE WORST at remembering to get birthday cards for people. Andy has given up on expecting cards on time for his birthday, although I have made a significant effort to improve in this area! I think it's because I personally feel like they are a waste most of the time. Yes, they are nice to receive if there is a thoughtful message written in them, and I have kept a few cards over the years as they are sentimental. Mainly cards from my parents who write lovely messages (that often make me tear up!), and these do mean a lot when you are living far from home. My best friend from home also sometimes randomly sends me a card with lots written in it, like an old school letter instead of an email, and these are also really exciting to get and read as they are an unexpected surprise. 

So I am not against the idea of cards if they contain thoughtful written messages. But just getting someone a card for the sake of it and then hastily scribbling "Happy Birthday Love Andy and Wendy" feels a bit forced and wasteful. Waste of money and a waste of paper... if everyone STOPPED buying birthday cards (and Christmas cards while we're at it) that would have to make a significant difference to not only the amount of paper wasted, but the amount of fuel and energy spent on delivering these cards through the post. Surely the fact that we were driving up to the Yarra Valley to spend the afternoon with someone on their birthday means more than getting them a card?! Maybe I am just a very thoughtless person with bad manners, but if you asked me to choose between spending time with people or receiving a card on my birthday, I'd choose the former, as I'm sure you all would too. I guess I am just not really offended if someone turns up to my birthday without a card, but I do understand that some people feel that this is rude. (PS Mom and Dad this does not apply to you).

Anyway, in the end we DID end up buying a card, as our friend's wife (who was on a business trip and so wasn't coming to lunch) told him it would be bad manners to turn up without one. (Who decided that giving cards was good manners anyway? Hallmark? It's all a scam...) So we stopped at IGA on the way, picked out 2 pretty crappy cards (selection was VERY limited), signed them and gave them to the birthday boy at lunch. I am sure he appreciated them, but I would bet he appreciated that we had come to his surprise birthday lunch much more. 

Ok, rant over, we had a very yummy lunch at a winery called De Bortoli. On weekends lunch is either a 2 course ($55) or 3 course ($68) Italian themed menu. I'd say it would be classed as a fine dining establishment, white cloth napkins and a bit on the pricey side, although they had a good selection of their own wines for reasonable prices: $9 glass/$36 bottle. Andy and I decided I would order an entree and a main, and he would get a main and a dessert, but we would share our entree and dessert with each other. I had a pheasant and duck terrine to start with, which I was a bit "meh" about, and I think Andy then decided he regretting saying he'd share his dessert with me! It was just a bit bland. I then had baby snapper fillet for a main and it was delicious. For dessert Andy obviously chose the one that featured lots of chocolate, called a Chocolate Marquise. I have never heard of a "Marquise" before but basically it's a very rich chocolate dessert, like a very heavy mousse. Maybe like a ganache. It was good but very rich - which meant at least he was willing to share with me as there is no way you could eat a whole one yourself.

After lunch we sat outside the winery catching up with everyone - the view was beautiful and the weather perfect, about 22 degrees and sunny. Overall, card debacle notwithstanding, we had lovely afternoon with wine, sunshine and friends. What more could you want?


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