Nannie is here!

My mom arrived in Melbourne on Saturday to stay with us for the next four weeks. I am so, so, SO happy she is here! The only downfall is that my dad is not able to come until 8th of August as he couldn't take the time off work, but he will at least have two weeks with us when he comes.
Ella meeting Nannie for the first time!
Ella is very lucky in that she is the first grandchild for both mine and Andy's parents. She is going to be a spoiled little girl! My mom called her grandmother Nannie, and I did the same, so that is what my mom will be called by Ella. Not to be confused with "THE Nanny", haha.

We have had some lovely sunny winter days here in Melbourne, and been able to take Ella on lots of walks. And when she is particularly happy we are even able to stop and have a coffee or lunch out!

Out for a walk!
Walking along the beach - Ella is in the hug a bub!
Enjoying some lunch at the Collingwood Children's Farm Cafe
Since she has been here my mom has been a HUGE help. She is obviously totally in love with Ella and is teaching me how to be more patient with her, along with more practical things like different burping positions and bath options. It makes me wonder why the heck we are living halfway around the world when we could have the love and support of our family to help raise our little girl. (sob).

This is how you burp a baby!

At the moment I am just so grateful and appreciative of my mom, and if I am half the mother she is then Ella will be a lucky girl. 

Nannie love!


  1. Wonderful to see those photos and hear how you're all bonding over beautiful Ella! Barb, I remember seeing my grandchild for the first time ... nothing prepares you for it! Wendy, very nice blog and congratulations to the family!

    1. Thanks Grace! It has been so great having my mom here, not just to help but also as it is so lovely to see her bonding with Ella.


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