Grampy is here! and walks along the Yarra

My dad arrived in Melbourne last weekend! It was another joyous reunion at the airport, where he met his granddaughter Ella for the first time. We have had a great week with both Nannie and Grampy here to help us with Ella. The only downside is that there are now four people in the house competing for baby cuddles!

Dad meeting Ella for the first time

Nannie and Gram with Ella

My dad is SO cute with Ella. He loves holding and playing with her, and always makes sure she gets in her daily "Tummy Time", which she is a lot more tolerant of since he got here. He has got up with my mom nightly to give her a bottle of expressed breastmilk and loves being part of bath time. He's also pretty good at burping her and has been denoted "Chief Pram Pusher" as whenever we go out he automatically takes charge of the pram. He's had a go at wearing Ella in the Hug-a-Bub wrap, which she still loves to be in.  The only task he shies away from is nappy changing, although he stands by to offer assistance by getting cotton balls and warm water. Apparently this is a trait he carries forward form his time as a dad!

Having a nap with Ella

Bath Time!

Baby wearing in the Hug-a-Bub

Dan the Pram Man!

Dad's also been great at helping fix some things up around the house. He has developed a love of Bunnings's Warehouse.  (He calls it Australia's Home Depot!)  One key thing Dad has improved is the comfort level indoors by installing weather stripping around our windows and doors. This house is super draughty and has been freezing cold all winter... a few days in I can already notice the difference in temperature, especially at night. I also have a new retractable clothesline in the back garden thanks to dad.  Having both my parents here with my newborn baby reminds me of what I am missing by living so far from home and I am absolutely dreading next Friday when they leave. Even writing that sentence makes me a little teary...

This week the weather has improved a little and it finally feels like winter might actually turn into spring at some point in the near future. We've been able to go out for some lovely walks along the Yarra River and of course sample some of the fine cafés along the Main Yarra Trail.

We've visited the Fairfield Boathouse twice for lunch and coffees. Their burgers and pulled pork eggs benedict are VERY tasty! The Boathouse is absolutely huge, with lots of different seating areas all looking out over the river. There is also a teahouse where you can get delicious cakes (the marble chocolate cheesecake was amazing), scones, coffee and tea. The only downside is that the service here is VERY slow, so when it is busy (as it often is on the weekend) you will be waiting quite a while for anything you order here. 

Lunch at the Fairfield Boathouse

The Collingwood Children's Farm Café is about a 5 minute walk from our house. This place is very child/baby friendly, pretty much everyone here has a pram with them, which is nice as you don't feel stressed if your baby gets fussy. (Maybe less appealing for those without children!) My dad ordered the best dish - toasted banana bread with rhubarb, poached pears, and Earl Grey caramel sauce. SO yummy! 

Abbotsford Convent Bakery is always super packed on the weekend, especially if the weather is nice. I went here once with Andy and had the WORST chai latte ever which made me less than impressed with this place. My parents and I visited and again I thought it was just ok... my mom and I shared a Nutella donut, which is a huge thing in Melbourne right now, and we both just didn't really get it. Yes Nutella is yummy but I'm not quite sure what the huge fuss it about!

Ella is just over six weeks old now and it is incredible how much she has changed in such a short time. She is more aware of her surroundings now and is starting to smile, which is the cutest thing ever. We have one more week left with the grandparents - very sad but I am so glad we have been able to have this time with them so far. 


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