Easter Weekend

Easter weekend started on Thursday for us... a day off work for me and Andy finished school at lunchtime. Unfortunately we had to take Ella to the doctor's (for about the fourth time since she started daycare) to check out a rash that had developed all over her body. The doctor was concerned due to some other symptoms Ella was displaying: a cough, conjunctivitis the week before, and fussiness while in the doctor's office, so to be on the safe side she sent us to the Royal Children's Hospital to ensure that Ella did not have measles! Recently there has been an outbreak of measles in Melbourne in the nearby suburb of Brunswick, and Ella won't be vaccinated against the virus until she is 12 months old. 

So off we went for Ella's first visit to the hospital. Our doctor warned them that we were coming and as soon as we arrived we were ushered us into an isolation room. Andy and I both did a pretty good job of remaining calm (except for a few minutes where I went to the toilet and had a little cry) but I think we both didn't actually believe she could possibly have measles.

Waiting for the doctor in isolation
We were seen straight away by a nurse who said that she didn't think it was measles, and then almost immediately the paediatrician came and confirmed that it was definitely not measles. It was just one of many unknown viruses that can cause a rash in babies. So yet another illness that you can't really do anything about in a baby which is super frustrating! Poor Ella! She did, however, handle her first hospital visit like a champ and especially loved the big aquarium they have in the waiting room so that was a plus. And I was really impressed by the hospital, the speed at which we were seen and how lovely the staff were. 
Checking out the fish in the Emergency Department waiting room
What is really annoying is that to take Ella to the doctor we have to pay $42 "out of pocket", which is the gap between what the doctor charges and what medicare covers. But taking her to the emergency room at the hospital is free. I can see how, if you were tight for money, you'd just skip the GP and head straight to the hospital. But this can't be good as it creates pressure on emergency rooms, which should be kept for emergencies only. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't mind paying a little to visit the doctor, but I feel like $42 for a 10 minute appointment is way too much. Maybe I have just been spoiled by living in Canada and the UK where the public health care systems are the top in the world!

Friday I went to a baby shower lunch for our friend Ness, who's baby is due this week. We went to The Pier in Port Melbourne and had a lovely corner table overlooking the bay. It was nice to have a girly, baby-free afternoon (and indulge in a little champagne!) Ness is having a boy and I can't wait for him to arrive!

Ella finished off her day with dad with a some pool down at the local pub:

On Saturday we played mini-golf at Yarra Bend Golf Course with Charlotte and Adam. Adam won, and I came last... no surprise there! But I did have to wear Ella in the baby carrier for the last five holes so I think I should have got some kind of handicap?

Ella - not a helpful mini-golf partner

Nice shot Adam
After golf we headed back to ours for some pizza, red wine, and a REALLY LONG game of Settlers of Catan. Adam won again, but actually it was the worst win as he was sitting on nine points for what seemed like forever. So really it was as if he lost. Or something. Sorry if you don't know anything about Settlers of Catan. We did have a really fun night though.

Sunday was a lovely family day. We woke up and went for a run with Ella in the jogging pram, stopping to see some of the animals at the children's farm on the way back. Ok, we stopped as I needed a break because I am SO out of running fitness at the moment. 

Later that morning Andy finished off our sensory board for Ella and it is a huge hit:

That afternoon we took Ella to the park for the first time and she absolutely LOVED it. She sat with me and Andy on the swings and was laughing so much, especially as we went higher. Andy took her on the slide as well. So cute!

Loving the swings
Getting ready to go down the slide
Monday we drove up to Yarrawood Winery in the Yarra Valley for lunch with Charlotte, Adam and their friends Layla and Rory. The Yarra Valley is apparently known for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, so we ordered a bottle of each, along with a yummy antipasto platter. There was live music and a few activities for the boys (croquet, anyone?) although I don't think poor Rory was quite ready for how seriously Adam and Andy take their activities. 

Ella would like some food too please!
Serious croquet playing
Listening to music with dad

Overall a lovely Easter weekend spent with our lovely friends!


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