Currently... November

I've just put Ella to bed after a particularly long day at work. Andy is out enjoying the Australian soccer final, and I've just finished making dinner and tidying up from when Ella and I got home from daycare/work. I'm enjoying the quiet and calm with a small glass of wine as I finish writing this post.

Reading: Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty. I'm about 80% of the way through this book and loving it. I love anything by this author. The genre is sort of one step up from chic lit and is perfect holiday reading. We're not currently on holidays so I've been staying up way past my bedtime reading "just a few more pages..."

Watching: Animal Kingdom on Netflix. We are four episodes in and I'm still undecided on whether I like it or not. It's somewhat uncomfortable viewing. I'm going to push on for a few more episodes, mainly as there is nothing else that interests me at the moment. I want to watch The Crown but that will have to be one for when I'm home alone as Andy isn't keen.

On Youtube Russell Brand has restarted episodes of The Trews. And of course I watched a lot coverage of the US election. My favourite post-election reaction is from John Oliver on the season finale of Last Week Tonight.

Listening to: Lots of podcasts! Mainly This American Life, Planet Money, and of course, Hamish and Andy. I have lots of time to do this because since we moved we have a horrendous commute taking Ella to her old daycare in Abbotsford, where we used to live, and then going to and from work. Andy and I are alternating doing this drive while the other person cycles. I'm trying not to get annoyed at all the time I now spend in a car by thinking instead about how great it is that I have all this time to catch up on my podcasts.

Loving: My new cookbook: One Handed Cooks. Healthy, simple, delicious recipes for babies, toddlers, kids and families. Ella pretty much loves anything I cook from this and there is a huge range of recipes from breakfast to snacks to dinners for the whole family. It's also Australian which helps when reading the ingredients list and the measurements, and has helpful tips for raising good eaters at any stage. I wish I had this book when we first started Ella on solids, and it is my first port of call when meal planning now. 

Planning: A trip to Bali! Easter next year is our five year wedding anniversary and we've managed to coordinate both sets of grandparents, plus my brother and his girlfriend, for a 10 day holiday in Canggu, Bali. I. can't. wait. Of course we also have our Christmas in California to visit said brother/girlfriend and my parents to look forward to in three weeks. Gosh, we are lucky people.

Wanting: Some new luggage. Our current set was a gift from my parents quite a few years ago and has definitely got a lot of use! But there is a lot of wear and tear so some new cases for our trip in three weeks would be useful. We are currently on the hunt but it has to be one of the most boring things to research and shop for. Ever.

Wearing: These "smart joggers" from Uniqlo. I can wear them to work and they are so, so comfortable. I have them in black and grey and I love them. And at $40 how could you go wrong?

Enjoying: Watching Ella learn to walk. She took her first steps a few weeks ago and is growing in confidence every day. She looks so proud of herself when she walks, and the best thing is that if Andy and I hold our arms out and say "cuddle" she walks over and falls into us for a hug. I can't think of anything better than when your child starts to cuddle/kiss you on purpose!

Missing: My mother's group! It's been lonely during the day at our new place. I miss being able to send a text to my mother's group to see who is around for a walk or a park visit. I still take Ella for walks and to the park on my days off, and usually manage to strike up a pleasant chat with another mum who is there with her kids. But I can never summon the courage to ask for their number or take it further. Making friends when you are an adult is hard! But today another mum who I was chatting with at the park asked me for my number, yay! Hopefully it's the start of making some local mum friends.

Trying: To get back into yoga. After about a month off after our move I've started going to a studio in Northcote called Good Vibes. It's about a 12 minute cycle from our place, so not nearly as convenient as my old studio but not impossible to get to, especially in decent weather. I felt a big difference in my body with the month off yoga. My back was a lot more sore and my hips felt really stiff. I'm so glad I'm practicing regularly again. I do really like the studio and all the teachers/classes I've been to so far, although it is a bit more expensive then my last place. But in the long run I think it is worth investing in yoga, for the long term benefits on both my body and my mind. 

Feeling: Tired. Typical teacher end of the year burnout. I am ready for the summer holidays! 

Grateful for: The fact that although we live far from both of our families at the moment, we can all afford to take holidays and fly to see each other fairly often.

Pic of the Month: This was so hard to choose! We've had so many lovely weekends this month, but I've already written about them and used some of my favourite pics on the Healesville post and the Beach Baby post. But last weekend we took Ella to a shopping centre and stumbled upon the mall Santa Clause and winter scene. Ella was totally entranced, she stood looking at the fake polar bears and reindeer for ages. It was so cute and made me excited for Christmas!


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