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It's the last day of term. Ella is in bed, we've ordered a take-away pizza, and I have a glass of rosé beside me. Rosé drinking weather is nearly over here in Melbourne, soon it will be time to break out the reds again! 

Reading: I just finished reading The Nix by Nathan Hill. I spent the first 150 pages or so wondering where the story was going, but it does pay off in the end. 

Watching: Not much at the moment! We did watch Hacksaw Ridge the other evening. It was very good, though I wasn't really in the mood for a war movie at the time. 

Obsessing over: Ella's sleeping habits. She has decided over the past two weeks that bedtime is more of an optional thing for her. We're lucky if she's asleep by 8:30pm and that is after a lot of tears (by both her and me, haha). It makes for a very long day, and very little time to relax before heading off to bed ourselves. We are at a loss at what to do, and normally give in and let her play upstairs from 7-8pm rather than spend the hour fighting with her. I am really hoping that the clocks going back on Saturday night will sort that out, and we'll get our bedtime back again.

Learning about: Global Citizenship. It's our new initiative at school which I have some responsibility for embedding, and I am loving the opportunity to learn about something out of my subject area (which is maths). I saw Hugh Evans of Global Citizen speak this week at another local school and he was very inspiring. His TEDtalk on what it means to be a citizen of the world is a good reminder of how lucky I am to have been born into a first world country.

Needing: School holidays! So looking forward to two weeks off.

Feeling: Very overwhelmed with work at the moment. Four days a week is just about killing me. This is the most tired I have been at the end of term in a long time. I'm also constantly caught between wanting to think about career progression again, and realising how quickly Ella is growing. Sometimes I really would like to just slow down, not think about work, and enjoy my time with her while she is young. 

Loving: My new yoga mat! I had a cheaper one that I bought years ago, but it is a bit too thick for my liking and I find my hands are always slipping on it when I'm in downward dog, which is annoying. The mat I ended up with is the Harmony Mat from Jade Yoga. I did lots of internet research before deciding that this would be the right mat for me: it had excellent reviews and is also eco-friendly, made from a natural rubber tree material which is a renewable resources. Jade also plant a tree for every mat bought, and they donate $5 from every mat to different causes depending on the colour you buy - mine is teal so the donation went to Ovarian Cancer. So they seemed like a good company to buy from. So far I love it. The grip is fantastic and I easily stay put during downward dog, and at 5mm think the cushioning is just right.

Listening: I recently heard this song playing and it instantly made me go "oh my god! This song! I haven't heard it in ages. It's so good!" I constantly have it on lately as it makes me happy and as soon as Ella hears the opening guitar notes she starts to dance around, so we have a little dance party together,  which is THE BEST. Also listened to The Longest Shortest Time podcast on how to talk to your kids about race which was very informative.

Wearing: These pants from Cotton On are sooooo comfy. They are my new lounging around/just going to get a coffee/the park/actually I wear them everywhere pants. They are making me wish the weather was a bit cooler so I could wear them more often. (They only really work in the mornings and evenings right now. It's still so hot!)

Enjoying: My morning bike ride to work. I cycle pretty much every day now, as with the new daycare location it makes sense for Andy to drive and do the drop-off/pick up. The mornings are getting a bit cooler and the early morning sun in Melbourne on a sunny day is just glorious. Riding in these conditions gives me that "happy to be alive" feeling, which is a much better way to starting the day than stuck in Melbourne traffic.

Looking forward to: Bali! Less than a week to our massive family meet up in paradise!

Grateful for: The fact that both of our parents have the means to visit us regularly. And FaceTime for when they are far away!

Pic of the Month: How cute is my girl?!


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