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Reading A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. It’s about a grumpy old man called Ove, who basically thinks the world is made up of idiots. But gradually you learn about Ove’s life and start to understand why he is the way he is. I’m only about a third of the way through the book but really enjoying it. Unfortunately it was due back at the library yesterday, so I have to source another copy before I can continue reading it! 

Watching the Australian Open. Tennis was on our TV non-stop during the last two weeks so there has been no time for any other TV shows. I’m trying to cut down on TV in the evening anyway. We don’t watch much to begin with, but even an hour a night could be cut down to do something more worthwhile, like blogging or going on a walk. That said, I love being stuck in to a good box set as much as the next person, so if you have any recommendations let me know! (Update: Now that the tennis is over, we've all got stuck into My Kitchen Rules. My mom is loving it, my dad... not so much!)

Listening to the podcast Up and Vanished. It’s a true crime podcast about the disappearance of a woman called Tara Grinstead from a small town in Georgia in 2005. I’ve pretty much binged on it for the past month. It came out in late 2016 and as the episodes came out, so too did some more facts and developments about the case, which had been cold for 12 years. It’s kind of cool to see how the podcast and media attention that came with it seemed to have an actual impact on coming closer to finding out what happened to Grinstead. 

Loving Nespresso on ice. I love my Nespresso machine. We got it soon after arriving in Melbourne when we realised that spending $4 each per day on coffee was a ridiculous habit. I know that the pods are not environmentally friendly, but we buy bags that we fill up with used pods and send back to Nespresso for recycling and composting, so that eases my guilt somewhat. Every few months Nespresso come out with a “specialty” coffee which I am normally sucked in to trying. This month they came out with Nespresso on ice, which are meant to be served over ice (duh) with cold frothed milk. They taste very creamy and smooth, and are perfect for the warm summer mornings we've had this month.

Finishing a month of no social media. I really only go on Facebook and Instagram, so I’ve deleted those apps from my phone and haven’t checked in all month. I barely miss them, and the urge to check either have almost completely disappeared. This isn’t to say, however, that I’ve broken my phone habit. I love reading articles and blog posts, so I do still check my Bloglovin’ app and The Guardian website for news. Aimless scrolling on my phone is still something I’d like to do less of.

Planning a few days away with Andy in April, during our Easter holidays. A second “babymoon” while my parents are here to take care of Ella. We have to stay within Australia as I will be too far along to get international travel insurance that covers an emergency during pregnancy. Most companies will only insure up to 26 weeks, though a few will go up to 32 weeks. I will already be in my 32nd week at the time we want to go, so one week too late. We are choosing between Perth, Kangaroo Island or the Blue Mountains. The second two are much closer so it’s more likely it will be one of them.

Learning to sew. Andy gave me beginner sewing lessons for Christmas at Thread Den in Fitzroy, and it has been so nice to learn something new. As a teacher, I am always the one doing the teaching (duh), but I also have a leadership role in my school so I’m often teaching teachers as well. It’s all too rare that I am the one being taught, especially something as practical and hands on as sewing. Check out my first two creations below!


I binged Up and Vanished too! When I started I had no idea about the developments so that was a fun surprise. I’m jealous of your baby moon. I’ve heard Kangaroo Island is beautiful.
Wendy McCarry said…
I feel like I'll never get through Up and Vanished... there are SO MANY episodes!

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