Pregnancy Update: Weeks 24-27

Welcome to another pregnancy update blog. I've entered the third trimester, and I'm starting to get pretty tired. I've realised in writing this that I'm terrible at taking pictures of myself, and therefore I only have ONE picture from the past four weeks where you can see my bump! New goal: take more pictures!

Week 24

I’ve had another crazy busy week at work, but I managed to ride my bike to work three times this week which has definitely helped me feel better. It’s a great way to disconnect from work and leave the stresses of the day behind as I take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery along the Darebin and Merri Creek Trails. The temperatures have cooled off this week, so the mornings are fresh and crisp, with the temperature in the mid to high 20s during the day. Perfect! My mom bought me some new maternity clothes from Ripe Maternity, plus I got a few things off eBay, and it makes SUCH a big difference having clothes that not only fit and feel comfortable, but are also flattering with a pregnant belly. 

My back pain seems to have gone away for now. I’m not walking at night for exercise anymore because of it, which I’m fine with as long as I keep up my morning yoga and regular cycling to work.

Week 25

Another week has gone by, which is crazy! Ella looked at me this week and said “baby is getting bigger and bigger!”, which, yes. Nothing like the honest words from your two year old. Some days my belly feels really stretched and I don’t know how it is possible that I will get a lot bigger, even though I know I will. I’ve been rubbing bio oil on my stomach regularly each night in the hopes of avoiding stretch marks. I was lucky enough to not get any while pregnant with Ella, so fingers crossed!

Week 26

I had my Glucose Tolerance test this week, to test for gestational diabetes. The test checks how your body regulates your sugar levels. In order to do this you have to drink this very sugary drink, and then you get your blood taken every hour for next two hours. During this two hour period you have to stay in the hospital, so it’s pretty boring. However having two hours to just sit and read a book pretty much never happens in my life anymore, so there was a positive side to it! While I did not have gestational diabetes when pregnant with Ella, women over the age of 35 (hello!) have an increased risk of developing it. Thankfully my test came back and I don’t have it, so yay!

I’m starting to really notice that I’m out of breath when walking up stairs or hills now. It makes me feel so unfit! 

Week 27

I had a check-up with a midwife this week. Apparently everything seems to be running along smoothly. My abdominal measurement was 26.5cm, which is pretty much spot on (1cm per week is the general rule of thumb). I feel huge, but I guess I’m pretty normal for this stage of pregnancy. I have low blood pressure, which means I could start to feel dizzy or lightheaded when getting up, so that will be something to look out for. At the end of my check-up the midwife pronounced that I was a “picture of health” which is always nice to hear. Oh, and they let me know that I got into the midwife program there, which means I will be seen by the same team of midwives for the rest of my check-ups and for the birth. Only about 5% of patients at the Women’s get into this program, so I was happy to hear I got in. My next appointment will be in 3 weeks.

I’m starting to get heartburn at night, which I experienced in my first pregnancy. It’s particularly bad when I eat chocolate… but somehow that hasn’t deterred me from eating it on a regular basis! During both pregnancies I've had a big sweet tooth and curbing my cravings for sugar, especially in the evenings, is a constant battle. 

I'm officially in the third trimester now. I had Ella at 37 weeks and 5 days, so if I am similar with this baby, I only have 10 weeks to go! Scary. I'm finishing up work at 37 weeks so I'm hoping that I go a little bit later than that this time around.


Time is flying isn't it?! So good you are still cycling to work, that sounds awful to me haha but it's also still so hot here.
Wendy McCarry said…
Ya some of the afternoons here were a pretty hot, slow ride home! I think, sadly, that my cycling days are now over... Time is certainly flying and our babies will be here in no time!

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