Life in London: Swimming in the Serpentine

So, nothing exciting is happening at the moment with respect to the move. We can't do anything until my VIT registration comes through. In the meantime, we are working on a bit of a "bucket list" of things to do before we leave London. So far I have 3 things: Visit Cambridge and go punting, have afternoon tea with the girls at Fortnum and Mason, and have a huge night out at Fabric. Any other suggestions are welcome!

Yesterday mrwandymcnoble and I did something else we'd never done: go swimming in the Serpentine Lido in Hyde Park. This was mainly to get in some open water training before our triathlon in 2 weeks. I was super nervous, having an irrational fear of swimming in open water, despite spending every summer of my childhood swimming in lakes.

We got to Hyde Park in the morning and were a bit worried about the amount of Canadian Geese we would be swimming with. Thankfully the roped off swimming area was geese free, although there was a lone swan perched beside the lake watching us swim. The water wasn't as cold as expected, about 19 degrees, and the water was pretty clear (though I was very conscious of trying not to swallow any water!) The swimming area is shallow, the deepest it gets was only 1 meter, and you could see the bottom while swimming. I managed 12 lengths (110 m each) and absolutely smashed mrwandymcnoble who only managed 8. All in all it was a pretty enjoyable swim, finished off with a latte in the sun at the lido cafe. I'm feeling much more confident about the swim leg of the triathlon now.

Today we are off to another London first: checking out the Canada Day festivities in Trafalgar Square. Hopefully the rain will hold off long enough for us to enjoy some street hockey, music and Canadian beer!

Canadian Geese in the Serpentine
Climbing out after the swim


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