Two Birds One Stone

We've experienced a few different places for brunch since our post about Birdman Eating, and none have failed to impress so far. One of our locals (yes, we have found a flat!) is Two Birds One Stone, which is in South Yarra and less than 5 minutes from us our new home.

We've been for coffee a few times, and also sampled their delicious white chocolate and raspberry muffin - which is full of huge chunks of white chocolate and so big we shared between 3 people. This morning we sat in for the first time. Trying to be healthy mrwandymcnoble had poached eggs on toast with a side of bacon (that is healthy for him!) and I had stewed berries layered with honey Greek yogurt, granola and toasted coconut. Very yummy, although was a bit sweet near the end.

To drink we had our regular flat white, mine with skim milk and mrwandymcnoble's with full fat milk. One thing mrwandymcnoble has noticed about the coffee here is it is always served at perfect drinking temperature, not too hot or too cold. Just right. Of course that means you end up drinking it really quickly and end up wanting another one! Which, at $4 per cup, we must try to resist!


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