Penisula Hot Springs

Last weekend we took our first weekend trip in our new car down to the Mornington Peninsula. Our first stop: The Penisula Hot Springs.

We took the long way, driving along the coast and stopping for breakfast in a beach cafe overlooking the bay. We were very lucky with the weather, blue skies and about 17 degrees, which is perfect winter weather in my opinion.

Stopping for lunch in Seaford

We arrived at the hot springs at around 11am, and spent some time first in the Spa Dreaming Centre which is adults only. In this area there were hot springs of different temperatures (ranging from 37 to 42 degrees) set amongst the woods. Very peaceful and relaxing. After about an hour we went to the main bath house which was busier with families but also had more facilities, including a hot springs on the top of a hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

This type of thing is my idea of a perfect getaway... although Andy gets bored easily and we constantly had to hop around and try different hot springs! My favourite part was going in the sauna and then jumping into a cold plunge, getting out and standing under a hot spring shower, and then jumping in the plunge pool again (and repeat several times!)

We also really liked the foot reflexology path, where you walked on different rock formations which supposedly stimulate different areas of your foot. Painful the first time but got better after you walked the path a few times!

Reflexology walk

We bought a deal that included lunch and got to eat in our bathrobes, which always feels like a treat!
Andy enjoying his lunch!

After the hot springs we went on to Red Hill Winery for some wine tasting, and so I could build on my knowledge and collection of Australian wines. They charge you $5 for tasting, but you get to try everything on their tasting list in order from Sparkling to white to red to dessert wine. Also they waive the fee if you purchase wine. I left with their Cellar Door Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, yum!

Oh yes!
We spent the night at the Hummingbird Eco Retreat which values healthy living and sustainability. They offer courses on yoga and meditation, needless to say Andy was not interested in partaking! They do grow all of their own produce for use in the restaurant where we had a tasty (if a bit expensive) dinner and breakfast. The rooms were simple and cosy, lots of white painted wood and NO TV so after dinner we had to... gasp... talk and read! Luckily Andy is in the middle of The Hunger Games trilogy and actually enjoys reading at the moment! I liked Hummingbird, the room was comfortable and we were surrounded by forest, but the room was a bit cold at night and like I said the meals were pricey.

All in all a great day - hot springs, wineries, a cosy dinner for two (that I didn't have to make or clean up) - what could be better?

Stay tuned for day 2 of our road trip!


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