Babyology Box

My parents gave me the coolest gift for my birthday this year: A one year subscription for Babyology Boxes. The boxes are delivered every three months and are full of surprises for both me and Ella. I just received my second box last week, here's what was inside:

For Mummy:

1. A black Bodypeace Bamboo scarf. This scarf is SO soft and in a super practical colour for me. Love it!

2. Burt's Bees Intense Hydration treatment mask. A perfect product for me as I've got dry skin. I tried it out while Ella was having her bath the other night. You leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes which is a good length for using while she is in the bath, but I think she was a bit weirded out by it, and maybe a little scared too! She seemed relieved that her normal mummy was back when I wiped it off. My skin felt nice and soft after using it, so I'll be adding it to my (non-existent) skin care routine 1-2 times a week, as recommended.

3. Table of Plenty dark chocolate rice cakes. Yum. A good snack to take on our morning walks together. 

4. A voucher for You could order any A4 print valued at $20, so I got one that has Ella's name and the origin/meaning of her name. I had no idea what that was, but after consulting google I've learned it is of English origin and usually short for Ellen or Eleanor. It can mean "beautiful fairy woman" (lol) or "light". We'll see what the printing company go for when the print arrives! 

5. Wooden Feather keychain. Bit random but I've put it on my keyring anyway as I don't have a keychain and now look like less of a janitor with my keys.

For Baby:

1. Emotion & Kids muslin wrap. This is beautiful but will be put away for baby #2, as we don't really need muslin wraps anymore (we used them heaps in the first few months of Ella's life though).

2. Babylove diaper. Diapers are useful.

3. Organic Bubs mango, peach & banana fruit purée pouch. Perfect for when we are out and about. I have to hide these from Ella now as once she sees one she wants it (and will let you know she wants it!)

4. Owl wall sticker. This comes with a voucher for 20% off at The Wall Sticker Company, which is a great way to decorate a room if you are renting, as the stickers peel off very easily. We stuck this one up in the bathroom and Ella loves it, and says "whooo whooo" now when she sees it which is cute.

5. Johnson's Baby Bedtime Oil. Used after the bath during her baby massage. She is so spoiled!

6. "Oh the places you'll go!" print. We got a similar style print in the last box (which says "the snuggle is real") so we really should get a few frames and put them up in Ella's room. I love this Dr. Suess book. There are so many good messages for both children and adults in it about having a positive attitude and learning from life's challenges. This is a perfect quote for my little girl's room.

And that's it! There was a bit less in this box than the one I received in June, but I'd have to say pretty much everything in it is quality and will get some use. I love the surprise I get each time a box is delivered and it is nice to get a few pampering gifts for me that I probably wouldn't buy myself. (Last month there was hair serum and hair balm, and face lotion from the body shop). It would make a great gift for ideas for any new mum. 


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