Yesterday our boxes arrived from Anglo Pacific - we have decided to ship a few boxes worth of personal items like clothes, books and some things with sentimental value. The past few days have been spent sorting through our flat, putting things into one of four categories: "sell, ship, throw away, keep and take on the plane".

Doesn't he look happy doing all this packing?!
We decided to go with Anglo Pacific as they gave a very reasonable quote and also had good reviews. The cost for a 5 cubic foot box is £99 for the first one, and then £30 for each one thereafter. If you want to put things in your own suitcase it is only £18 per case. Max weight is 30kgs per box.

I've been really impressed with them so far, when I called with some questions they were extremely helpful and informative, and we got our boxes they day after ordering. They also came with tape and bubble wrap for packing. They will come and collect your boxes whenever you want (except Sundays), and then 6-12 weeks later your things arrive at our door Australia. As the guy who delivered our boxes said (in an Aussie accent) "Too easy".

I am a bit nervous about how they will arrive but just have to trust that they know what they're doing and they do it all the time.

Shipping boxes
Boxes everywhere!
For now it's back to sorting, packing, listing things to sell on, and getting ready for a carboot sale next weekend!



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