Weekend at Centre Parks

Friday afternoon mrwandymcnoble and I left the hectic city for a relaxing weekend with his family at Centre Parks in Elveden Forest. Relaxing it was certainly not! Saturday morning started with a 6am wake-up and 4 mile run through trails and forest - a nice change from running on crowded pavements through south London! We then got ready for an afternoon of sports with short tennis, squash and 10 pin bowling. Mrwandymcnoble is fairly competitive to say the least, and I think was pretty frustrated by my lack of coordination in short tennis... I was a pretty poor partner! I tried squash for the first time and really liked it, something quite satisfying about smashing a ball as hard as you can. Just need to do something about ducking every time the ball comes flying towards me...
A squirrel outside our door
We spent the rest of the afternoon in the indoor waterpark, which is meant to be a "tropical paradise". Their newest ride, the Cyclone, was pretty good - a fast and furious raft waterslide for 4 people that had a huge scary drop an lots of tossing around. The Rapids were also quite good, and there were a few different pools - though we all felt the wave pool was a bit tame - it was no "Typhoon Lagoon" as mrwandymcnoble said! The fact that we were all shattered combined with the miserable weather led to the decision to order takeaway and watch a movie, and we were all in bed by about 9:30pm!
Quad biking

Sunday morning we went for another run (at the slightly more reasonable time of 8am), and then I went  off for a massage with the girls while mrwandymcnoble went quad biking with the boys. I could have stayed in the spa for the whole day, but there were more sports to be played, this time badminton. We finished the afternoon with another trip to the waterpark, and then it was back to London on the train to reality for us.
Extreme badminton

We have less than 4 weeks left in London now before going to Canada at Christmas, and then its off to Australia mid January. I can't believe how close it is... and how much we have to get done before then! It's going to be a busy few weeks!



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