Visa Granted!

Well, we have had a busy few months and have been a bit slack on updating the blog. After our honeymoon we had to finish off our Masters dissertation proposals and then the school year started, and time seems to have slipped away from us.
It is half term this week, and we are busy doing "admin" for the move, including uploading all our documents onto the DIAC website for our 457 visa.
My school nominated the position for the visa on 25th October and that was approved a few days later, on 29th October. I submitted our application on 28th October and got an email today saying it was approved! So excited and happy - it finally feels "real" that we are going. Applying for a visa is such a stressful process, I was constantly fretting that I hadn't submitted enough evidence of my work experience or hadn't got the right documents certified. But all seems to have been in order, and happened much quicker than I anticipated. (Processing times on the DIAC website say up to 2 months.)
Our next steps are: booking flights, packing up some clothes and books to be shipped and trying to sell our furniture - much more fun doing this stuff with the visa bit out of the way!



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